Audinate Brings Dante to NewTek’s TalkShow and Quicklink TX Skype TX Solutions

February 11 2015, 05:00
Audinate, developers of the industry-leading Dante media networking solution, and NewTek, makers of cutting-edge tools for audio/video production, have joined forces to bring high-performance network audio to the NewTek TalkShow video-calling production system. NewTek is using Dante Virtual Soundcard to deliver flawless digital audio from Skype to Dante-enabled products from hundreds of manufacturers. The software will be pre-installed on every TalkShow unit, enabling instant connectivity via a standard Ethernet port.

Audinate also confirmed a similar partnership with Quicklink Video Distribution Services, Ltd., to enhance the Microsoft Skype TX experience delivered through the Quicklink TX product by adding in Dante Audio over IP connectivity. Skype TX is an easy-to-use hardware and software combination that enables Skype video calls from anywhere in the world to be seamlessly integrated into any production.

With the NewTek TalkShow or Quicklink TX hardware units using Skype TX technology, any television or live video producer can easily reach more than 300 million connected Skype users and incorporate them as guest speakers into live programs with full-frame Skype video calls. The new collaboration with Audinate will enable broadcasters to distribute digital audio throughout the facilities over IP. Rather than relying on noise- and loss-prone analog cables, Dante keeps audio in the digital domain, enabling Skype calls to be routed to Dante-enabled AV equipment anywhere in a production facility with the highest quality.

Connections are made with standard Ethernet cables, either one-to-one or over an existing IP network. Because Dante is a true network solution, powerful new workflows may be created for many devices at one time with unparalleled flexibility, live or in post.

“Dante Virtual Soundcard brings powerful new capabilities to TalkShow without requiring special ports or hardware,” says Michael Kornet, Executive Vice President of Business Development at NewTek. “With this exciting addition in TalkShow, our customers get a tremendous audio workflow without the complexity or resources normally needed.”

Similarly, Quicklink Video Distribution Services Ltd has partnered with Audinate to enhance the Microsoft Skype TX experience delivered through its Quicklink TX, a professional hardware solution powered by Skype TX software.

Quicklink TX will ship with Dante Virtual Soundcard software pre-installed, allowing broadcaster to easily route high-quality digital audio streams over a standard IP distribution network throughout their production facility to other connected Dante enabled equipment.

“Inclusion of the Dante technology ensures that the Quicklink TX will be able to elevate the audio quality to a professional grade, allowing producers, technical directors, writers and editors to enrich their broadcast and media programming experience through the Skype software,” explains Bethan Hill, head of sales and development at Quicklink. |
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