Audeze SINE Planar Magnetic Headphones Establish new Lightweight Standard

February 2 2016, 04:00

Audeze’s new SINE planar magnetic headphones was one of the most interesting on-ear models introduced at the 2016 CES Show in Las Vegas. They are surprisingly comfortable and truly combine the quality we have learned to expect from Audeze in the lightest headphone to date from the company. Also available with fully integrated Apple Lightning cable.

Combining advanced acoustic engineering and beautiful craftsmanship to provide the ultimate in audio, Audeze’s SINE headphones are a new generation of on-ear planar magnetic headphones on the market, combining exceptional sound quality and comfort. They use premium leather for style and durability and also fold flat for portability.

The closed-back SINE headphones feature Audeze’s renowned Fluxor planar magnetic technology with Fazor Elements and Uniforce Diaphragms to provide a highly efficient yet lightweight headphone (230g), with very low distortion, good bass, a seductive midrange, crisp extended high frequencies, and excellent imaging.
audioXpress had the privilege to try the SINE on-ear headphones with an MQA digital player - one of the highlights on the Audeze booth during CES 2016.
The 80 x 70mm planar magnetic driver uses a Neodymium magnet and has more than 3x the surface area of any on-ear headphone in its class. More surface area means it can move more air, which means better bass and dynamics - and it sounds like a much larger headphone, surprising for a on-ear model. Max power handling is     rated at 6W and impedance is 20 ohms.

Audeze’s fully integrated Apple Lightning cable is also an option for the SINE headphones. The exclusive Lightning cable streams a complete 24-bit digital signal through a high quality DSP and DAC to offer better sound quality directly from the iPhone. The built in microphone can be used for phone calls or Skype and is SIRI compatible.

Keeping with the acclaimed Audeze aesthetic, the SINE headpones’ advanced transducer technology is coupled with BMW DesignWorks USA’s fine craftsmanship for the ultimate audio and visual experience. Expected shipping in late March/early April the SINE headphones will retail for $499.95.
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