Audeze Announces New LCD2 Closed-Back Headphones

July 17 2018, 01:00
These are probably the headphones all recording pro’s were anxiously waiting for from Audeze. The Californian brand newest addition to the acclaimed LCD series, the LCD2 closed-backed headphones offer the classic sound of the LCD-2, with the pure listening experience of a planar magnetic headphone but with increased isolation and greatly reduced ambient noise. Plus, they look great and the $899.00 price is affordable for the intended target market.

“The LCD2 Closed-Back produces a private, powerful, and immersive experience. It’s just you and your music!” This is how Audeze is rightfully promoting its latest planar magnetic model, boasting a sleek, modern design. As for the sound qualities, Audeze promises “superb dynamics, and ultra-low distortion,” which is something we would all expect from this level of product. Reinforcing the arguments, they describe the LCD2 Closed-Back sound as “rich and hugely satisfying.” “It’s deep and controlled bass is intensely powerful, yet amazingly accurate and delicate when needed.”

That part is something that most definitely users will need to try for themselves, but judging from previous attempts, Audeze has successfully translated its design qualities in a closed-back over-ear model like the LCD-XC Closed-Back, which not surprisingly conquered the preferences of many recording, mixing and mastering professionals, as well as musicians.

The new LCD2 Closed-Back headphones might be half the price of the LCD-XC Closed-Back, but the “less-luxurious” design will certainly encourage many more audio engineers to try it out. Also, because the LCD2 uses a lightweight spring steel suspension headband, special crystal-infused nylon rings, and contoured memory foam earpads for enhanced comfort. No African Bubinga wood earcups like on the LCD-XC, but a more discreet and “leathery” finish which will please many, even though Audeze is actually proud to state their products, including the earpads, are “leather-free”.

Inside the earcups there’s the Audeze planar magnetic drivers, with large (106 mm) ultra thin-film diaphragms and neodymium N50 magnets, and double-sided magnetic structure using the famous patented Fazor elements that help avoid resonances for a more accurate waveform. Users can expect the same thoroughly engineered and meticulously hand-built quality the brand is famous for, with carefully matched transducers. The package includes a 1.9m 1/4” to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable and that’s it. There’s no travel case included to make the price affordable.
Further specifications detail a minimum power requirement of 100mW, 15W maximum power handling, and >130dB maximum SPL with a frequency response from 10Hz up to 50kHz, THD <0.1% @ 100dB, which are exactly the same as the LCD-XC. Difference is that the LCD2 is 70 ohms with a sensitivity of 97dB/1mw, while the XC is a 20 ohms and 100dB/1mw model.
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