Aaton-Digital Cantar-X3 Location Sound Recorder is Now Shipping

April 14 2015, 04:00
Aaton-Digital started delivery of its landmark 24 track location sound recorder, the Cantar-X3. It is already being used by professionals in Amsterdam, Tel-Aviv, Paris, Los Angeles and Montreal as the company continues to fulfill orders. Recorders for North American companies Location Sound, Los Angeles; Audio Services Corp, Canada; and Sonotechnique, Quebec have been delivered prior to the start of NAB 2015.

Following initial presentations at trade shows during 2014, as audioXpress reported, the Cantar-X3 surpasses the quality of it predecessor, the Cantar-X2 and is complemented with the Cantarem 2, the companion assignable 12 track mixer for the Cantar-X3, with more accessories and functionalities expected to be implemented soon.

According to the company, by using state of the art technologies and components this modern and modular platform will be future-proofed for decades to come. An optional Dante board allows connection to the any other audio equipment supporting the popular network AoIP technology from Audinate. External devices can be simultaneously linked to the Cantar-X3 through widely used audio and computer connectors adding new capabilities for the portable recorder.

Designed from scratch by the same team that created its predecessor - the Aaton Cantar-X2 - the new Cantar-X3 combines the ergonomics of the X2 and its outstanding microphone preamplifiers which have now been redesigned to improve filtering possibilities and further reduce the noise level, while additional features are accessed through an improved menu-based human interface and a new touch screen SuperBright display, developed by sister company Transvideo.

Its avionics aluminium machined housing is water and dust-proof, using with a durable coating developed for the military industry. The exceptionally long run time also makes it the perfect portable tool for outside location work. Extended linear faders, smooth rotary knobs and silent switches are provided for a practical working environment.

Tully Chen, a production sound mixer from Tel Aviv, Israel, whose work includes documentaries ,TV drama and series, commercials but mainly feature films said “It is a joy to work with the new machine. Audio quality is superb; the faders are silky and responsive. It has already become a part of me.”

Unveiled at the IBC 2014 show in Amsterdam, the new Cantar-X3 24 track digital audio recorder has received a prestigious Cinec Award, presented at the Cinec Expo in Munich, Germany, in September 2014.
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