1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones Bundled with Nubia alpha Wearable Phone

February 28 2019, 00:35
1More, one of the top ten headphones brands in China, and multinational Nubia Technology announced a cooperation at the annual MWC 2019 show, in bringing to market a game-changing dual concept. 1More’s collaboration with Nubia includes its iF 2019 award-winning Stylish True Wireless Earbuds, bundled along with Nubia's alpha, the world's first wearable phone concept with a flexible display, delivering an all-in-one unique proposition to consumers.

1More’s Stylish TWS feature a sleek-looking aesthetic and an excellent sound performance, which combined with the Nubia’s alpha Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and eSIM technologies, allows users to send texts, make calls, and access the Internet without the need for a separate smartphone device. The Alpha can do things that other wearables cannot. It is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera with clever UI shortcuts, while the Stylish TWS earbuds can act as a wireless extension for all the needed audio features.

The Nubia alpha is water-resistant, and the flexible display is coated in heat-resistant Polyimide, available in both black and gold colors. Constructed from anodized stainless steel, the gold variant features a band plated in real 18k gold. Inside, the wearable wristband device is powered by a Qualcomm  Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform, and boasts 1GB of RAM + 8GB of onboard memory. An all-new, custom-made wearable OS supports air gestures, voice commands, and convenient multi-touch control. According to Nubia, the alpha will be available in a basic Bluetooth-only version for 449 euros (shipping April 2019) and another with a eSim for 4G cellular connection for 549 euros (in Black). The 18K gold plated will cost 649 euros and will ship Q3 2019 in Europe and Q4 2019 for North America.

With an exquisite appearance and design, the 1More earbuds combine a carefully tuned titanium composite diaphragm and 7mm dynamic driver, with a NCVM (non-conductive vacuum metallization) - an eco-friendly vacuum plated coating process - that provides both a sleek metallic finish and stable signal transmission. The results is an efficient, ultra-compact design, that provides clear, quality sound.

The Stylish TWS can be consistently used for a total of 6.5 hours, but the listening experience can extend to a full 24 hours thanks to the included charging battery case. The ergonomic design with rounded angles mimics a water drop, also making the compact earbuds easy to hold for total control on-the-go. They even feature 45° oblique-angled nozzles that naturally lay in the user’s ear canals for a tight, secure fit during extended use, complemented with bundled silicone O-Hook's that provide a more stable fit on the move.

More importantly, on the inside, the 1More Stylish TWS earbuds use a Bluetooth 5.0 module that creates a stable connection with zero interference, combining a customized LDS antenna, laser-shaped on the internal side of the earpiece, to ensure a robust connection for music listening and phone calls with less signal interference and transmission.

In the past few years, 1More headphones have gained market recognition as smart purchase choices. 1More received CES Innovation Awards for 2 years straight with 6 different products and won 9 iF Design Awards for its headphone products, besides receiving the highly recognized RedDot Award and the Japanese Good Design Award on more than one occasion. Nubia also recognized this and that’s why they have partnered with 1More on the unique Nubia alpha wearable concept, creating a high-quality, seamless experience for the user, with smart integration of both devices.

Founded in October 2012, Nubia aims to create unique mobile experiences with original products and designs. As a multinational corporation located in China, North America, Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia and India, the company has successfully developed nearly 9,000 patent applications, including 351 PCT (international application) patents. The Nubia Alpha concept is still a working concept that shows what the company is able to do with its technologies, while the 1More Stylish TWS earbuds are very much a working product with highly competitive features.
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