Member Profile: Shannon Parks

January 6 2014, 13:01
Shannon Parks

Shannon Parks

Member Name: Shannon Parks

Location: Mahomet, IL

Education: Shannon has a BA from Johnson University, Knoxville, TN. He graduated in 1993.

Occupation: He is an audio engineer at his company, Parks Audio.

Member Status: Shannon said he is proud that he has almost all the Audio Amateur magazines in his library. He has also been reading audioXpress for quite sometime.

Affiliations: Shannon owns Parks Audio and is the administrator of the DIYtube forums (

Audio Interests: He enjoys building tube amplifiers: push-pull or single-ended triode (SET). Shannon said he loves it all.

Most Recent Purchase: Shannon has spent the last 10 years in an RF test lab, so he really enjoys purchasing new test bench gear. He recently purchased an eight-channel Saleae Logic analyzer, which he says is amazing.

Current Audio Projects: He said he needs to finish a 12-W 300B SET amplifier project that he has been working on for the last year.

Dream System: In response to this question, Shannon asked, “How about $50,000 to build a great DIY system?” If he had the funding, Shannon said his dream system would definitely have massive 8’ tall horn speakers and he would placed them in a loft in somewhere in New York City.

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