Member Profile: Ken Bird, Speaker Designer

August 24 2012, 13:01

Ken Bird (BSEE, Washington University) is an audioXpress article contributor who has been reading the magazine since 1989. In the September 2011 issue, he presented his tower omnidirectional speaker design project (“Castle Tower Omni Speakers”).

Ken Bird with a 12″ woofer

Bird’s member profile follows.

Affiliations: He is a member of the ARRLHam Call. His amateur radio (ham) call sign is W0KLB.

Audio Interests: Ken enjoys speaker and tube amplifier building, the Ham radio, and restoration of old radios.

Most Recent Purchase: Ken bought two Lepai TA 2020 Class C amplifiers from Parts Express. He said the audio performance of the amps is great for the money.

Current Audio Projects: Ken restored a 1983 JVC RS33 receiver and two Altec Series 9 speakers for a friend. He is currently working on a three-way speaker system with dual 8″ woofers in an unusual cabinet design called the Cathedrals. He said he might write an article for audioXpress about this project.

Dream System: Ken’s dream system consists of two of the original 1953 Electro Voice Patrician enclosures, and they would be driven by a McIntosh MC275 amplifier. He added that he also needs to dream for a room that will be big enough to accommodate them.

Bird’s tower castle speakers

Wiring for the castle tower speakers

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