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Member Profile: Garth Wasson

January 23 2013, 13:01
Garth Wasson

Garth Wasson

Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Education: Garth has a BA and an LLB from the University of British Columbia and a certificate from King’s College London University, London, England.

Occupation: Retired barrister and solicitor (a lawyer)

Member Status: He has subscribed to audioXpress since 2005.

Affiliations: He currently holds no official memberships with any audio organizations.

Audio Interests: Garth said he is most interested in classical music.

Most Recent Purchase: A digital multimeter that measures inductance and capacitance

Current Audio Projects: Garth said he has just completed two 100-W, push-pull El34 amplifiers with output transformers that Doc Hoyer designed and built.

Dream System: He said the system would include a couple 100-W amplifiers with a good preamp, a good turntable, and Klipsch horn enclosures. He would also add a quality FM tuner, digital inputs, and a large TV with good sound input. Garth said he doesn’t care too much about surround sound, but he admitted that he does have a couple 50s he could use with his dream system.  “Obviously, I would want two more Klipsch horns there, too,” he added.

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