Member Profile: Dennis Green

October 17 2013, 13:01

Member Name: Dennis L. Green

Location: Farmington Hills, MI

Education: BSEE

Occupation: Retired

Member Status: Dennis has been a subscriber since the first issues of Audio Amateur and Speaker Builder. He switched to audioXpress after their demise, mostly for the component ads and the solid-state and speaker projects.

Affiliations: Dennis is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Audio Engineering Society (AES), and Southeastern Michigan Woofer and Tweeter Marching Society (SMWTMS).

Audio Interests: His primary audio interests focus on homebrew audio and field recording.

Most Recent Purchase: Dennis recently added an Apex Jr. subwoofer amp to his audio lineup.

Current Audio Projects: He is currently working on an optical sensor-based servo control upgrade for the Kilmanas Rabco tonearm featured in an Audio Amateur article in March 1976.

Dennis recently moved and has a temporary setup for his vast sound system.

Dream System: Dennis said his dream system includes a home theater using Quad ESLs in a custom room. However, Dennis said he is “not at all unhappy” with his present system.” His current system includes: Swan IV satellites built from an April 1988 Speaker Builder article, four Peerless 8” midrange woofers (each side in concentric Sonotubes with sand damping in the space), and a Cerwin-Vega 189E  driver (salvaged from the movie Earthquake Sensurround system) in an enclosure that formerly contained a Jolly Giant system. The Jolly Giant system used a Hartly 24-inch “tweeter” and was also built using a Speaker Builder article. (Dennis intended some sarcasm here since that speaker radiated more energy at 20 kHz than at 20 Hz.) His present system measures ±1 dB from 60 to 16 Hz and –10 dB at 12 Hz.

Dennis also has a Swan crossover modified with Linkwitz-Riley stage for a subwoofer (his design) and a Lampton preamp built from an Audio Amateur schematic. However, his design added switching and a rack-mount enclosure. He restored Quad 303 and Dyna Stereo 120 power amps and a Leach Low TIM amp (built from plans in Audio magazine) that are temporarily driving the subwoofer (a new amp will be installed soon). He said his system is not very presentable since he has moved to a new home and remodeling projects have taken priority.

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