Member Profile: Ethan Winer

February 18 2013, 13:01

Ethan Winer

Location: New Milford, CT

Education: Two years college for music

Occupation: Audio engineer, technical author, professional musician, and co-owner of RealTraps, a popular acoustic treatment manufacturer

Member Status: He has subscribed to audioXpress for approximately seven years.

Affiliations: Ethan does not currently hold official memberships with any audio organizations.

Audio Interests: Ethan is interested in all aspects of audio and music, but especially acoustics, and how fidelity is defined.

Most Recent Purchase: A Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 USB sound card

Current Audio Projects: Ethan has just completed creating a 2.5 hour music theory video course, “Basic Music Theory.” (The course is available for free on YouTube )

Dream System: He said he has his dream systems. Yes, plural. Ethan has two systems: A large home recording studio (two channel), and a 5.1 home theater in his living room. He said the key to excellence with both systems is more in the acoustic treatment of the rooms than the specific gear.

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