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AX December: Speaker Design, Interactive Sound, Power, & More

November 12 2012, 13:01

audioXpress is all about range—range, in the sense of content diversity. Our international team publishes insightful articles on a wide variety of topics such as speaker design, sound analysis, glass audio projects, and hi-fi product reviews. This month we deliver once again.

First, I suggest you check out the interview with innovative sound designer Andrew Spitz (p. 38). Much of his current work focuses on “interactive experiences.”

Interested in speaker design? We’ve got you covered. Consider starting with the first part of Richard Honeycutt’s series, “Speaker Design School.”

Then  turn to page 8 for the second part of the series “Ribbon and Planar Magnetic Loudspeakers.” Finally, flip to page 14 for the conclusion to Ton Giesberts’s series on his active loudspeaker system project.

The completed PCB for the subwoofer is attached to its heatsink

Ready for a comprehensive transducer test? You can always rely on Vance Dickason’s expert analysis. This month he presents the results of tests he ran on a Morel TiCW 634Nd (p. 30).

The Morel TiCW 634Nd

Once you’ve had your fill of speaker articles, read what Gary Galo thinks about remastered editions of David Hancock’s 1967 recording of the Dallas Symphony’s presentation of Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances (p. 24). What would you choose: vinyl, digital, or both?

If you’re a glass audio enthusiast, head to page 35 to refresh your understanding of power supplies for hollow-state electronics. Transformers and rectifiers are covered in detail.
Lastly, note that the long-awaited amp test page referenced in Richard Honeycutt’s audioXpress November 2012 article—“Differences in Amp Sound: What’s the Truth?”—is now available at

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