Serious About Speakers: Voice Coil February 2016 is Now Available

January 28 2016, 07:00

The February 2016 issue of Voice Coil features a complete directory of Loudspeaker Cone Industry Suppliers, edited by Mike Klasco, including many North-American, European, and Asian vendors in this important product segment.
The Acoustic Patents column by James Croft (Croft Acoustical) discusses a “Virtual Height Filter for Reflected Sound Rendering Using Upward Firing Drivers.” Obviously from the description, this is a patent that applies to speakers designed for new immersive audio formats in home applications and Dolby Atmos, in particular. Not surprisingly, the patent was recently awarded to Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corp. and lists as inventors Brett G. Crockett (Brisbane, CA); Christophe Chabanne (Carpentras, France); Mark Tuffy (Sonoma, CA); Alan J. Seefeldt (San Francisco, CA); C. Phillip Brown (Castro Valley, CA); and Patrick Turnmire (Arroyo Seco, NM).

As James comments, this is an updated version of a Dolby foreign patent application “previewed” in Voice Coil in 2015. The US case became available now and Voice Coil provides an extensive and informative review - recommended reading for anyone considering entering this important home-theater market segment.
The February 2016 issue is also strong on driver characterization, since Vance Dickason’s Test Bench reviews two high-end home audio tweeters from Morel and SB Acoustics, plus a midwoofer from Dayton Audio. From Morel, Test Bench analyses its latest addition to the Supreme tweeter line, the Titanium Supreme Coppersleeve Tweeter (TSCT) 1044. As part of the Supreme line, the TSCT 1044 and the similar TSCT 1144 (which is the same tweeter with a larger faceplate) are both an entirely new design for Morel and incorporates the company’s Improved Dispersion Recess (IDR) faceplate design, which is a shaped inset in the round metal faceplate. The shape is intended to increase the high-frequency output in the tweeters off-axis response.

From SB Acoustics’ Satori high-end line of drivers, the column characterizes the Satori TW29RN, a new high-end neodymium 29-mm ring dome. As Vance comments, “it’s worth repeating that all the Sinar Baja transducers are developed by former Danish Vifa/Scan-Speak engineers Ulrik Schmidt and Frank Nielsen, who are co-owners of Danesian Audio.”

The final driver to be characterized this month is Dayton Audio’s new 4.5” diameter carbon fiber cone midwoofer, the CF120-4. This midbass driver from Dayton Audio includes a pin-cushion style four-spoke cast-aluminum frame. While the area below the suspended spider mounting shelf is closed, cooling is provided by an 8 mm pole vent. For the cone assembly, Dayton Audio chose a rather stiff curved profile woven carbon fiber cone with a 1.13” diameter convex woven carbon fiber dust cap.
As usual, this issue includes a selection of news and notes on Industry News & Developments, as well as the Industry Watch section.
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