Amplifier Series: A New Generation ICEpower

January 24 2018, 08:00
In this article, audioXpress visits Danish amplifier powerhouse ICEpower and we were given an insider’s look at its most recent advanced Class-D platform, ICEedge.

The article was the start of a series, analyzing the latest Class-D amplifier platforms currently reaching the market. For the first article in the Amplifier Series, our audio expert from The Netherlands, Ward Maas, visited ICEPower in Denmark - fresh from the recent management buyout from Bang & Olufsen and the recent decision to merge with Audio Bricks. The visit gave audioXpress the opportunity to look at several important new products coming from the Danish amplifier specialists, but he mainly focuses on the new ICEedge platform. The ICEedge chipset consists of a dual-channel Controller IC and two Driver ICs, enabling amplifiers that range in power from 50 up to 7,000 W into 4 Ω. Truly cutting-edge stuff. Now available online!

This article was originally published in audioXpress, April 2017.
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