Member Profile: Jack Philpot

April 3 2014, 11:16

Member Name: Jack Philpot

Location: South Holland, IL

Occupation: Jack is retired from AT&T. At one time, he was a frequent contributor to Audio Amateur. Jack’s articles appeared in several Audio Amateur issues including February 1978, February 1979, February 1980, January 1983, February 1983, April 1983, February 1986, February 1988, April 1989. He also wrote an article for Speaker Builder that ran in January 1982.

Member Status: Jack said he started subscribing to audioXpress when he discovered that it was a continuation of the Audio Amateur publication. He said he was hoping to find back issues that may contain an upgrade article on the Adcom GFP-565 preamplifier.

Audio Interests: Jack is very interested in home audio, both new and vintage.

Most Recent Purchase: He recently added a Cambridge DAC for for listening to high-resolution digital music sources and an Ortofon 2M Blue, designed for high-performance reproduction of analog records, to his home audio system.


Adcom GFA-535 II power amplifier

Current Audio Projects: Jack converted two dual-mono Adcom GFA-535 II power amplifiers to mono blocks with dual-power supplies. He used an extra pair of outputs from spare modules and added them to each driver board similar to the GFA-545 II. He built the unit so that the output terminals are bridged for bi-wiring.

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