Member Profile: Antonio Velasquez

March 28 2014, 14:00
Antonio Velasquez

Antonio Velasquez

Location: Lo Barnechea, Chile

Education: MS in Acoustics Engineering and Post Graduate Studies in Physics, Microprocessors, DSP, and Computing Science

Occupation: Antonio owns, which is a database cloud services and acoustics measurement equipment manufacturer.

Member Status: Antonio subscribed to audioXpress after being linked to it from Elektor, which he said he had been familiar with for a long time. At first, he said he just read the audioXpress articles. Then he said he realized there is a community of great folks, who are really into audio and acoustics innovation. Antonio said, “I thought that I may learn and have a lot of fun if I could be part of it.”

Audio Interests: Antionio is a drummer for the Sobregiro Band. The band plays jam sessions at Thelonious in Santiago, Chile.

Most Recent Purchase: Antonio just bought a kit to assemble a permanent noise monitoring station. It is based on a LGX M150 fanless dual core with a 120-GB solid-state drive, a Mimo Monitors 10” touchscreen, and a UMIK-1 calibrated by CrossSpectrum. He also purchased a Sony PS-Q7 turntable to listen to his old 12” records.

Current Audio Projects: Some months ago his Altec Lansing studio monitors were stolen, so he is in the process of rethinking his next project. Antonio said, “I had those speakers since 1988. Now, I don’t know where to start.”

Dream System: Antonio said he is not a “hi-fi crazy guy.” He enjoys a simple stereo recording setup with a UCA220 interface, a Xenyx 802 mixer, and two matched Behringer condenser recording microphones. He uses Audacity for recording. For noise measurements, Antonio wants a nice homemade system with repolarized capsules that could read down to 20 dB, up to 140 dB, with 20/20 kHz or 20/40 kHz and 24 bits/192 kHz ADC, and an audio USB interface to his PC or Android tablet to program analysis algorithms in C++. His dream system will always provide huge dynamic range and flat frequency response. For listening, he wants an all-analog 1980s setup (with a nice DAC), with a Nakamichi, Aiwa, Sansui, Yamaha or some similar tuner, an MK2 turntable, and his lost Altec Lansing studio monitors. Antonio tries to never listen to compressed music and said his music motto is “as raw as possible.”

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