XMOS Provides XFV3000 Voice Processor for eMeet OfficeCore M1 Wireless Conference Speaker

November 8 2017, 03:45
XMOS announced that its VocalFusion voice technology has been selected by Shenzhen eMeet Technology Co for its mobile smart office assistant, eMeet OfficeCore M1. This commercial solution, which is available now from online retail stores, features leading edge far-field voice technology with the eMeet AI Office Assistant powered by XMOS' XFV3000 Voice Processor, creating an innovative new portable business conference calling product.

The compact and portable speaker uses a USB and Bluetooth connection with a mobile phone or laptop to convert any space into a conference call facility. XMOS VocalFusion technology was chosen for its ability to detect and isolate the spoken word within 8 meters (26 ft) in all directions, thanks to far-field voice recognition capability and an array of seven eMeet 360° omni-directional microphones. 

The XMOS XVF3000 voice processor uses acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) to remove playback audio from the microphone signal allowing users to barge-in and talk over the playback signal. Automated noise suppression (ANS) and dereverberation technologies are used to remove unwanted noise and echoes in the captured signal, providing a crystal clear output signal. The microphone follows a voice as it moves around the room (via beamforming), and ensures that even the quietest person in the room can be easily heard.

“We chose the XMOS VocalFusion technology for our eMeet OfficeCore M1 because of the superior far-field voice technology and unrivaled processing power it can deliver for thin client applications,” says Wyman Chen, CEO at eMeet. “Our product is aimed at the professional conference call market, so quality of voice capture, noise isolation and AEC were key to the design. We’re extremely pleased with the result and the benefits that the XMOS technology has delivered to our product.”

Commenting on the announcement, Mark Lippett, President and CEO at XMOS, said “The eMeet solution is a typical example of the type of work our teams are involved in with professional and consumer electronics companies worldwide. Our technology is perfectly suited to addressing the issues of conference call quality in noisy environments, and eMeet has used this capability to deliver a superior product for business environments. We are seeing a huge demand for the benefits that our VocalFusion technology can deliver in an unprecedented range of applications and eMeet is one of the first companies to realize that potential in a commercial product.”

The eMeet OfficeCore M1 is optimized for Unified communications platforms, supporting Skype, Google Hangout, Microsoft Lync, Cisco, Avaya, FaceTime, etc. Ready to be used in seconds, the unit also features a built-in 5200mAh rechargeable battery to allow for up to 12 hours of use, or 1 month standby time. The internal battery can also be used to charge a smartphone.
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