Ultrasone Presents Edition 15 Open Reference Headphones with new GTC Drivers

November 8 2017, 03:10
The Edition 15 sees Ultrasone expanding its product range with a set of top-class open reference headphones. GTC driver technology is a completely new development from the Bavarian company, and these are also the first open headphones to feature S-LogicEX technology. With high-quality materials such as American cherry wood for the ear cups, Merino leather for the headband and ear cushions with microvelour, the Edition 15 headphones also have a premium look and feel to match their high-end sound. 

The tonal highlight of the Edition 15 is the gold-titanium compound driver technology, an in-house development known as GTC for short. This technology, according to Ultrasone, combines a gold membrane with a titanium dome to produce unique sound qualities. With its new driver technology and open ear cup design, the Ultrasone Edition 15 headphones deliver a pleasurable music experience that the brand believes redefines the term “high-end”. And with high-quality LEMO connectors and a four-core cable, these headphones are fully ready for symmetrical operation.

The Edition 15 are the first set of open headphones to feature Ultrasone's patented S-LogicEX technology. "Thanks to a special, fine-tuned driver arrangement, the sound is extremely natural, with a quality that is closer to playback on premium speakers than the typical headphone experience. The result is an authentic stereo image and vibrant depth of sound. Headphones with S-Logic technology also require significantly lower sound pressure for the same perceived volume. This reduces listener fatigue, so even those longer listening sessions will be effortless," states the company.

The ear cups are made from the exquisite wood of American cherry trees. By no means new to the world of music, this wood is extremely popular in instrument making. Many pianos and woodwind instruments are made from this high-grade wood. But it isn’t just the wood used for the ear cups that meets the very highest standards in headphone production: the microvelour ear cushions and the Merino leather headband cushioning complete the experience. If the cushions get damaged at any point, they are easy to replace thanks to the ingenious magnet attachment.

The stainless steel panels are another of the Edition 15 main attractions, with an elegant design underlining the open construction and giving the headphones a unique look. With just 999 sets available, each set with its own serial number, and each Edition 15 has its own individual identity thanks also to the natural materials used. The headphones are handmade at Ultrasone's production facilities on Lake Starnberg, in Germany.

Production of the Edition 15 is limited to 999 for an extra exclusive sound experience. The new Ultrasone Edition 15 headphones come with 5 years of guarantee and will be available in stores from the end of November 2017.
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