Ultrasone Releases Edition M Portable Reference Headphones

July 15 2015, 04:00

German headphone specialist Ultrasone surprised visitors during the 2015 High End Munich show with an exclusive presentation of its newest ‪model, ‎‬Edition M. The Bavarian manufacturer now confirms the new Edition M release, further complementing its unique range of hand-crafted Edition headphones with a dynamic, closed back, “portable reference” option.

For the new Edition M, the dedicated developers from Ultrasone have strived to create an elegant, top class hi-fi experience for demanding users – especially suited for use on the go. The Edition M combines excellent sound, lightweight elegant materials with a sophisticated, stable design and excellent connectivity to smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Not forgetting the use of Ultrasone’s S-Logic Plus technology for spatial sound quality and excellent shielding from background noise.

Following the success of the Edition 8 series – one of the most popular crossover headphone models in the high-end segment – Ultrasone’s new Edition M balance the necessary low-weight of headphones designed to be used on the move with the sound volume required for top-class, hi-fi headphones. Ultrasone used carefully selected materials when making the Edition M, starting with a titanium-coated, 30mm transducer with NdFeB magnet, all the way to the gold-coated angled jack on the detachable cable. 

The ear capsules are coated with the finest ruthenium so that the Edition M not only looks exclusive and elegant, but is also stable, scratch-proof and durable – even with intensive daily use. Made from Ethiopian sheep’s leather, the ear cushions guarantee years of high wear comfort, are pleasantly soft and provide extremely good protection against outside influences.

With an impedance of 40 Ω, the Edition M headphones are optimally suited to reproducing music at high volumes, even from sources with low outputs (e.g. smartphones and tablets). And the sound reproduction remains free from distortion in a extended frequency range from 10 to 38,000 Hz, following the existing high standards in the Edition series.

Probably the largest challenge when designing the Edition M headphones was wear comfort during mobile use. Weighing in at only 146 grams, the Edition M can be comfortable for hours, while providing the necessary shielding from distracting background noise, making them yet more comfortable.

The Edition M’s outstanding acoustic properties combine with the patented Ultrasone S-Logic Plus technology, using decentrally configured transducers to create sound characteristics that are clearly more natural and spatial. With S-Logic Plus, the transducer and buffer board use additional attenuation to form a unique sound unit that refines and reinforces the advantages of S-Logic.

Thanks to the use of S-Logic Plus technology, the Edition M is able to work with sound pressure levels that are 3 to 4 dB lower – at the same perceived volume. This provides up to 40% direct relief for the ears and guarantees a pleasant, healthy listening experience for more hours.

The Edition M also includes a detachable cable with integrated remote control and microphone. Telephone calls can be answered or started easily with just the touch of a button and, when the call is finished, the Edition M automatically reverts back to playback mode and continues to play the music from the exact point it was interrupted. Users with Android phones, smartphones and tablets can use the Ultrasone app to completely customize the functions of the Edition M remote control cable.

A high-quality transport bag made of finely worked felt and a cleaning cloth is included with the headphones so that they can be easily and safely transported. The Edition M will be available in shops from August 2015.
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