TV Manufacturer Skyworth Joins WiSA Association

July 23 2020, 02:10
Momentum continues to build for WiSA LLC, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association, as a leading wireless, multichannel audio solution for television manufacturers. WiSA is comprised of over 60 leading consumer electronics brands, including already some television manufacturers which have helped turn the wireless audio technology much more appealing for home theater and gaming setups, expanding from stereo to multichannel audio applications. Now WiSA confirmed Skyworth Group Limited as its newest member. 

Skyworth is a leader in the television industry as the number one producer of TV products in China, marketing under three brands: Skyworth, Metz, and Coocaa. The Skyworth Group Limited is a recognized OEM source, making televisions that retail under multiple brand names. Other products include display devices, digital set-top boxes, security monitors, network communication, semiconductors, refrigerators, washing machines, cell phones and LED lighting.

For now, neither WiSA or Skyworth provide any details about plans to introduce support for the WiSA wireless audio technology in its TV roadmap. WiSA Ready TVs, are equipments “ready” to transmit audio to WiSA Certified speakers when a WiSA USB Transmitter is plugged in and a user interface is activated through an app or product design.

"The WiSA Association looks forward to working with Skyworth," says Tony Ostrom, president of WiSA. "They are a rapidly growing leader in the consumer electronics industry focused on delivering to consumers affordable technology that brings enjoyment to their lives."

The Skyworth Group already offers a broad range of smart TVs, both with 4K and OLED panel displays. Introducing WiSA support to the built-in platform, in a similar way to what's already available form other TV brands, seems likely for 2021 models. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China's "Silicon Valley", and is now one of the top five color TV brands in the world, and a leading brand in the Chinese display industry market.

"At Skyworth, our team seeks leading technologies that are simple to use for the consumer and delivers that WOW factor experience for their entertainment. We are incredibly proud to be welcomed into the WiSA fold and join the ranks of the world leaders in high resolution audio," says Tony Wang, Chief Executive and President of Skyworth TV. |
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