Timber Audio Releases Premium Wireless Headphones Using Solid Wood

June 3 2016, 03:10
The Prelude by Timber Audio is a beautiful Bluetooth headphone design made from solid wood and lightweight aluminum, set to release on Kickstarter on June 6. The headphones will be available in choices of Maple, Red Cedar or Walnut, have a built-in micro SD card reader, and FM radio connectivity, apart from an old fashioned 3.5 mm auxiliary cable. Each headphone comes with a hard shell carrying case, a braided AUX cable with a 3-button remote, braided USB cable, and USB wall charger.

Timber Audio believes the music we listen to says a lot about us, and that the way we listen to and connect with that music is just as important. For the past nine months, Timber Audio has been working to perfect their design of the Prelude, which they believe starts with an acoustically superior headphone design, based on the natural characteristics of wood. The company was founded by Braden Wiscombe who’s passion for guitar building inspired the whole design process. According to the company, “drawing inspiration from time-­tested instruments,” the Prelude headphones provide “a naturally acoustic listening experience that revitalizes music with these stunningly beautiful wooden headphones.”

The headphone ear cups are made of Maple, which is a very hard and dense wood with a slightly brighter sound that emphasizes the mid-range and has excellent definition; Red Cedar, which generally has a quick response, that is warm and lush in sound, and tends to be a bit darker sounding with more emphasis on lows; or Walnut, which is a very natural sounding wood with a good range from lows to highs, tending more towards a bright top end and present mids. Because no two pieces of wood are the same, the Prelude headphones also provide with something that is unique.

Depending on the choice of wood, the natural acoustics of the Prelude will combine an even balance of lows, mid-­range and highs, relying on the natural variations of wood to add color to the sound slightly. This combination of the natural characteristics of wood with large-sized 40mm transducers is what Timber Audio believes can form the foundation for the Prelude’s design, which they hope will be the first of many aesthetically and acoustically distinctive audio products from Timber Audio. 

The Prelude on ear design also features ear cups made from solid wood and headband components made from aircraft grade aluminum and spring steel, materials made to last. Ear pads are made from protein leather and memory foam and a headband padded in a combination of soft protein leather and durable canvas, which ensures comfortable listening.

Timber Audio’s other unique proposal combines the acoustic material of solid wood and the innovation of wireless connectivity, allowing users to connect their smartphone or other Bluetooth capable device and be free from cables to listen to music or take and make phone calls. As the company states, in  designing the headphones it was Timber Audio’s ambition to create something users could wear on all occasions, both business and casual. 

To make the Prelude even more versatile, apart from Bluetooth connectivity, the company added a built-in micro SD card reader, and FM radio connectivity, with a built-in 600mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, providing up to 12 hours of operating time.

With their release on Kickstarter June 6, the company is offering discount prices of up to 50% off the estimated retail value of $198 to early supporters willing to help the company reach their funding goal of $55,000 in 30 days.
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