Tidal Launches “My Video Mix” Playlists Generated Using Both Audio and Video Streaming Behavior

November 27 2019, 00:35
TIDAL released a new feature, My Video Mix, a video discovery feature which will give users up to 8 video playlists generated via a proprietary algorithm influenced by human-curation from TIDAL’s expert editorial team and users’ streaming habits (including audio-only behavior). Additionally, the app interface had a refresh to spotlight TIDAL’s extensive catalog with a new dedicated “Videos” tab.

My Video Mix showcases users’ music tastes in a fresh, interactive way. Members can receive up to eight diverse video playlists fit for every mood and moment, depending on users’ audio and video streaming activity. For optimal interest, each mix is grouped by artists and music clusters (genres and popularity based on other users) and the more frequently TIDAL is used the more rapidly it will rotate in fresh content. New iterations of the individual video mixes can be saved and offlined for on-demand listening as a video playlist in the “My Collection” tab.

In addition, the app interface has been redesigned with a dedicated “Videos” tab to spotlight TIDAL’s extensive catalog. The “Videos” tab can be accessed via the bottom menu on the mobile app and on the left menu on both web and desktop applications.

“From original content, to full-length movies and stunning visuals from artists in its unparalleled video catalog, TIDAL provides its members with a well-rounded music experience,” says Lior Tibon, COO TIDAL. “My Video Mix and the app redesign reaffirms TIDAL’s commitment to create a best-in-class experience for members.”

My Video Mix is available in app, web player and desktop and via Airplay and Chromecast. Later, it will be also available on Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Samsung and Roku.

Available in 54 countries, the streaming service has more than 60 million songs and 250,000 high quality videos in its catalog along with original video series, podcasts, thousands of expertly curated playlists and artist discovery via TIDAL Rising. TIDAL is available in premium and HiFi tiers — which includes Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) as well as Sony’s 360 Reality Audio recordings.
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