THX Launches Approved Components Program For ODMs And Consumer Electronics

January 25 2017, 06:00
THX, renowned for the certification of world-class cinemas and consumer goods, has launched a new program designed to help product manufacturers and brands deliver premium entertainment experiences by certifying key components used to build complete electronic devices. “Approved by THX” allows top-tier original design manufacturers (ODM) to certify superior audio and visual quality components that meet the high performance requirements necessary to achieve THX certification.

“We have identified ODMs that can build high quality and performance products for our partners and we are thrilled to create an easier path to certification for them through this new THX Approved program,” says Scott Francis, Chief Technology Officer at THX. “Using our decades of expertise creating best in class products, we are helping even more companies build certifiable devices. Our ODM partners can help brands bring these products to market in less time at a lower cost than the traditional pipeline to certification. This results in better margins, faster time to market, and with the THX Certified badge the ability to sell more units.”

THX Approved components endure application specific THX laboratory testing to predict their performance when used in actual consumer products. "Using THX Approved components accelerates product development and time to market while minimizing the testing costs and engineering cycles necessary to achieve THX product certification," says the company.

Initial ODM partners of the “Approved by THX” program include Claridy Audio (whose reputation for building award winning products for their OEMs across all audio categories spans 20 years), StreamUnlimited (a technology powerhouse in the field of IoT and streaming audio multi-room solutions) and Zylux (industry leader in a wide range of home theater audio products). Claridy Audio will produce loudspeakers, starting with a powerful subwoofer designed specifically for Outlaw, the Ultra-X-13. This will be the first Subwoofer built using THX Approved drivers. StreamUnlimited is completing final testing for its Stream810 module, a high-end streaming device for flagship audio products, including low power portable units. Zylux plans to develop a new product with THX Approved components later this year.

“Partnering with THX gives our customers a way into the world of THX Certified products that is efficient and affordable,” says Robert Wills, Claridy Audio President. “We understand the difficulties our customers face with meeting stringent THX specifications. We are excited to provide THX Approved components and utilize our world class engineering skills and methodology to ensure the products will meet THX specification before a sample is made. Abridging the product development process from conception to market implementation is a critical business component for success and this is why in partnering with THX, Claridy Audio is TOPS – ‘The One Pass Solution’ – for our customer’s needs.”

THX Audio And Video Streaming Experience Certification Program
THX is also partnering with content creators, service providers, and distributors to provide a new audio and video streaming quality certification program. The program will help streaming companies perfect their encoding and delivery methods for various challenges specific to streaming; guaranteeing consumers experience the highest possible quality of audio and visuals.

"THX has a longstanding history as the industry standard for video and sound," says Ty Ahmad-Taylor, THX CEO. "It's only right we permeate the market in which mainstream audiences are increasingly consuming media today - streaming. The goal is to establish a universal standard for quality in the streaming world that consumers can trust... just as we've done for cinema and consumer electronics."

THX chose Conviva as the Quality of Experience (QoE) launch partner. Conviva will be a key partner in the Certification process, as the data they are able to collect and process in real-time is integral to understanding a high quality streaming experience. "Combining THX's expertise in picture quality, encoding and compression techniques, and content packaging with Conviva's Quality of Experience measurement and analytics is a perfect match. For existing clients of Conviva, testing for and achieving THX Certification will be frictionless," THX states.

"Many world's top OTT media companies use Conviva today for QoE measurement and analytics, thereby producing an unparalleled data set that will set the bar for the THX certification," says Hui Zhang, Founder and CEO Conviva. "We are very excited to be selected by THX as the QoE certification partner to ensure consumers get an unparalleled video experience on the internet across all their devices."

"THX Certified Streaming will bring a trusted premium standard to modern media consumption by addressing many of the concerns consumers face today - namely, eliminating the disconnect between multiple tiers in the streaming ecosystem and creating one comprehensive program with several quality checkpoints to ensure premium quality at key phases of the streaming system. The streaming program promises the highest standard of content before it reaches the consumer; in-line with THX's longstanding reputation of defining industry standards and specifications in cinema acoustics, sound system design, image quality, and more", THX adds.
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