Thumpware Media Controller Allows Using Earphone Buttons to Control Sound and Video on a PC

March 12 2019, 00:55
Do you use your mobile phone's earphones with your PC? There is a campaign on Kickstarter from someone who identified a problem and is looking for support to create an audio adapter that supports control sound for audio and video software using the inline buttons on Android headphones. Thumpware is the name of the project, from a new company dedicated to solving a personal problem experienced by the founder, his friends and colleagues. 

"No more having to scramble for your mouse or take your headphones out when someone’s talking to you," the campaign Kickstarter states. Unfortunately, the Thumpware Media Controller that promises to solve this problem is in need of support.

Launched on March 8, 2019, the Thumpware Media Controller Kickstarter campaign is far from being successful, probably because the people who would need the product don't know the campaign is ongoing.

The Thumpware Media Controller allows users to use their headphone buttons to Pause, Play or Skip music and videos on the computer. Users can also turn the computer volume up, down or mute it, just as on any Android phone or tablet. The solution is simple, with the Thumpware Media Controller device connecting to the headphone port and USB port on the PC. That's it. No more having to scramble for the mouse.

The project was created by David Newbury, an Australian from Perth, born to British and Dutch parents and currently employed as a mechanical design engineer in the European aerospace industry. David has undergraduate and postgraduate education in industrial design and mechanical engineering and is inspired by innovative solutions to problems and enduring designs.

A Founder Institute start-up incubator alumni and award-winning designer, he is committed to building the Thumpware brand and delivering this product to the campaign's backers.

His USB HID Media Control Interface for Android headphones device will use an injection molded Polycarbonate case, with a Microchip PIC16F1455 MCU in a QFN package. One one side there's simply a female TRRS 3.5mm audio jack, and on the other side a male TRS 3.5mm jack and USB Type A connections.

To support the campaign go here:
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