Tektronix Announces Automated USB 3.1 Type-C Test Solution

December 7 2016, 03:10
Tektronix announced an automated USB 3.1 Type-C transmitter test solution for Gen1 and Gen 2 that combines full SigTest support with DPOJET debug and analysis tools, allowing designers to bring devices with improved margins to market in less time. The new solution delivers 100 percent compliance test coverage as well as full support for the new Type-C connector, fixtures and associated channel tests.

The official tool for SuperSpeed USB 3.1 electrical compliance testing, SigTest, only offers limited insight into the cause of failures and offers no support for additional analysis. By combining SigTest support with DPOJET – a premium tool for eye-diagram, jitter, noise and timing analysis – Tektronix now gives USB designers a much more comprehensive solution than alternatives that offer SigTest support only.

“With this release of our SuperSpeed USB software, we are making it easy for the ecosystem to get certified with USB-IF for their end devices and products using Tektronix oscilloscopes,” says Brian Reich, general manager, Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. “With the integration of DPOJET we’re giving our customers powerful debugging and analysis tools so they can quickly find the root cause of problems and build better margins into their products.”
Tektronix combined SigTest support with DPOJET – a premium tool for eye-diagram, jitter, noise and timing analysis.

Designed for use with Tektronix MSO/DPO/70000DX/SX series oscilloscopes, the Option USBSSP-TX tool offers single-button test automation and saves time by ensuring that test equipment is configured properly. This allows testing to be accurately run by those who may not have an in-depth knowledge of the USB specification. After the tests complete, a detailed pass/fail test report highlights any measurement deviations from compliance and provides data on measurement margin. Unlike alternative solutions, engineers can re-run the measurements in offline mode to analyze and debug.

For deeper analysis, DPOJET offers user-defined control of analysis parameters, speeding up troubleshooting and making design characterization much easier. For example, BER eye contours in the DPOJET plugin can be used for horizontal and vertical decomposition of jitter and noise to help design engineers characterize devices.

The Tektronix Option USBSSP-TX solution for USB 3.1 Gen1 and Gen 2 with support for SigTest 4.0.23 is available now. Pricing is $18,000 US MSRP.
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