Tectonic Audio Labs and Tectonic Elements Combine Assets to Accelerate Release of Next-Generation Audio Products

November 29 2018, 03:10
Tectonic Audio Labs announced the consolidation of their assets with Tectonic Elements and launched a new website to highlight the company's consolidated portfolio of patented flat speaker technologies. Following the recent appointment of a new President and CEO, this is the final step in the merger of the two companies and will streamline the three primary areas of focus: smart speaker technology, professional audio products, and OEM audio component sales for IoT devices, automotive and other high-fidelity solutions.

Tectonic Audio Labs produces flat panel speaker solutions featuring Bending Wave technology, which can currently be heard in everything from house of worship facilities to award-winning soundbar products. Adding to Tectonic's legacy of patented Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) offerings targeted at venues with acoustical challenges requiring high voice intelligibility such as auditoriums and gymnasiums, the combined online entity will also feature stand-alone audio components utilizing patented Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drive units, previously marketed by Tectonic Elements. BMRs provide wide directivity output up to the highest frequencies from a single transducer, and can be used in small, challenging embodiments creating new ways for IoT and smart speaker solutions to be delivered in market.

Tectonic Audio Labs recently announced the appointment of Craig Hubbell to serve as their President and Chief Executive Officer. Hubbell has spent nearly three decades in technology, content and the digital media space, driving breakthrough programs for global B2B brands. Most recently, Craig was the CEO of PlayNetwork, a provider of music, content and technology for commercial markets.

"Tectonic has seen solid growth in both its Smart Speaker/IoT and Professional Audio business units in 2018," says Anthony Bontrager, Managing Partner, West River Group. "Craig is exactly the type of leader Tectonic needs as it transforms into its next chapter of innovative products and growth. Craig is a proven leader with great business vision, strong executional experience and the ability to bring people and businesses together."

"Tectonic is uniquely positioned to continue to bring innovative products and solutions to market," says Craig Hubbell, President & CEO. "This final step in the merge of our professional audio and component business lines will ensure product uniformity leveraging the unique application of DML and BMR technology including wide dispersion, better voice intelligibility and quality sound."

The newly designed tectonicaudiolabs.com website offers visitors an in-depth look at the specifics of how the technology works; features case studies from prominent clients, and spotlights full-page explorations of Tectonic's products. The new site will also highlight solutions utilizing Tectonic's patented DML and BMR technologies across several verticals including smart home, automotive, luxury hotels and house of worship.  

"We work as an extension of our customers' engineering teams to integrate their desired audio functionality within their products," adds Tim Whitwell, VP of Engineering. "Importantly, we take a holistic perspective of the audio chain to ensure every system is fully optimized; giving maximum performance within the real-world constraints of size, cost and manufacturability."

Tectonic Audio Labs is now the consolidated provider of patented Distributed Mode Loudspeaker and Balanced Mode Radiator products, which are currently implemented in everything from sound reinforcement systems for luxury hotels to smart speakers and automotive solutions. A recent example of a succesfull implementation in a new generation of smart devices is the Onelink Safe & Sound Connected Smoke Alarm with Amazon Alexa.

"Building off a legacy of best-in-class professional audio products, Tectonic is well positioned to grow aggressively in the Smart Speaker and IoT categories, with products and solutions that dramatically improve the audio quality and voice intelligibility of products ranging from appliances to gaming and virtual reality," saysHubbell. "The company is uniquely positioned with its patented audio technology to pivot into the skyrocketing smart speaker space, but we need to continue to focus on accelerating growth, working with the team to innovate our products and transforming audio in new consumer driven applications."
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