Technics Combines Sound, Design and Function with New OTTAVA f SC-C70MK2 All-in-One Music System

September 8 2020, 01:30
A major highlight of Panasonic's press conference at IFA 2018, the Technics OTTAVA S SC-C50 compact wireless speaker introduced a new premium design, with state-of-the-art connectivity and a powerful, refined sound. Two years later, at the hybrid IFA 2020 event in Berlin, Technics unveiled its new Premium Class OTTAVA f SC-C70MK2 all-in-one music system. This new model is an effort to refining the sound quality, function and design of the preceding SC-C70, introduced in 2019. This shows a strong determination from Panasonic towards the category.

The Technics OTTAVA products are serious hifi systems, even if the all-in-one concept is still regarded by many as a sort of bedside table or kitchen sound solution. Since the SC-C50 was launched, it was obvious that Panasonic was trying to push the limits of what integrated and compact systems can sound like. And that includes designing the latest drivers, refined electronics or acoustic sensors for room optimization, which is where this new version takes off.
The new Technics SC-C70MK2 is equipped with exclusively developed 8-cm woofer units and 2-cm dome tweeter units (two each on the front). The 8-cm woofer unit was improved with reduced weight of the voice coil, enhanced airflow and increased rigidity of the diaphragm. The high-res-ready 2-cm dome tweeter features a lighter silk diaphragm and is combined with an acoustic lens whose shape is optimized to deliver a more expansive sound.

Just like its predecessor, the SC-C70MK2 features a 2.1ch speaker system that includes a 12-cm subwoofer - facing down. The speaker system is powerfully driven by three original Technics amplifier channels using the JENO (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization) Engine, inherited from the Technics Reference System design concept and, which embraces a fully-digital 2.1 configuration with DSP. In addition to deliver the processing capacity for the three channels, this DSP engine powers an improved Space Tune optimization system.

The SC-C70MK2 is also equipped with Space Tune room optimization. The DSP processing is combined with acoustic sensors in order to adjust the sound quality to best suit the installation location conditions. In the former generation, Space Tune basically used three defined presets. The updated model of the system uses a built-in microphone, so the new Space Tune Auto function is able to achieve an optimally balanced sound automatically, apart from the position-based presets (Free, Near the Wall, and Near the Corner). 

The Technics OTTAVA SC-C70MK2 f also leverages the LAPC speaker impedance adaptive algorithm that was developed for Technics' reference class amplifiers, optimizing phase and impulse response from the three amplifier circuits. The power supply system includes independently installed switch mode power supplies for the amp and the other circuits, eliminating mutual interferences. In addition, a layout with a dedicated transformer and amp circuits enable the shortest possible connection to further reduce noise.

And the SC-C70MK2 supports a wide range of music source inputs, including CD and radio as well as streaming services with Chromecast built-in, AirPlay 2 and Deezer. The high-precision signal processing circuitry of the JENO Engine is used to expand the frequency band of compressed Bluetooth and Internet radio sources. The Chromecast built-in function supports a wide variety of music streaming services from a smartphone app and Google Assistant can be used to operate the system's music playback and other functions.

The OTTAVA f SC-C70MK2 also offers Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, network playback, USB memory playback and analog/optical inputs to support all various sound sources. The user interface of the Technics Audio Center App smartphone app (iOS/Android) has also been redesigned, making it easier to use. Up to 9 presets can be set on the main unit, such as favorite Internet radio stations, and streaming services. This makes it possible to listen to music without even opening the app.

The design for this new Technics all-in-one music system was also refined, with an aluminum top panel, front grille and unique manual CD tray on top. The SC-C70MK2 now features a dark silver color to create an even more refined design and a full-black SC-C70MK2 is also available.
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