Synaptics Announces Design Wins at Multiple OEMs with Second-Generation USB Type-C Headset SoCs

April 27 2018, 03:00
Synaptics announced its second-generation AudioSmart digital headset SoC solution for USB Type-C headphones is now shipping in mass production with a major OEM and designed-in with multiple other smartphone makers. Leading the trend of eliminating the legacy analog 3.5mm headphone jack is Huawei, who selected Synaptics’ latest CX2198x family for its flagship P20 and P20 Pro smartphones. 

The AudioSmart CX2198x USB Codec family is ideal for shipping in-box with smartphones due to its low power and low cost backed by industry-leading high-resolution sound.

“Smartphone OEMs continue to adopt USB-C headphones with attach rates growing significantly year-over-year, and we are thrilled that a major OEM is shipping our solution. Synaptics is a world-wide leader in USB-based headset technology and is well-positioned with its established portfolio and strong roadmap ranging from entry-level codecs, to feature-rich solutions such as hybrid active noise cancellation, smart voice pick-up, noise suppression solutions, as well as Hi-Fidelity codecs,” says Saleel Awsare, corporate vice president and general manager, Audio and Imaging Business at Synaptics.

Synaptics’ AudioSmart digital headset SoC family includes a multi-tier product line featuring a wide range of audio codec solutions to meet the needs of various audio applications including USB Type-C headsets, 3D gaming headsets, as well as more compact universal communication office headsets. The company's broad array of low-power, high-resolution multi-core hardware codecs and audio software technologies enable greater innovation and differentiation within the market, helping manufacturers develop new and exciting high-performance headsets, headphones, hearables and audio accessories.
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