Strategy Analytics: Global Smart Speaker Sales Soared 96% To 30.3 Million In Q2 2019

August 19 2019, 00:10
Global sales of smart speakers continued to soar in the second quarter of 2019, reaching 30.3 million units, nearly double the same period in 2018, according to the latest research from Strategy Analytics. With a 21.9% share, Amazon remained the leading brand, although its share has fallen from 29.1% in Q2 2018. Google retained second place, followed by Baidu, Alibaba and Xiaomi. Apple’s smart speaker sales increased 81% compared to a year earlier, but its share fell slightly and it remained in sixth place.

Worldwide shipments of smart speakers and smart displays grew 96% year-over-year in Q2 2019 to reach 30.3 million units. The Asia Pacific region, which accounted for more than 50% of global shipments, remains a key driver of smart speaker demand as low cost devices from the major Chinese players Baidu, Alibaba and Xiaomi continue to flood the Chinese market. Amazon once again led Google at the top of the global rankings in Q2 2019 although Amazon's market share lead is now at its narrowest since the market began back in 2014.

“Q2 sales increased in all regions, both year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter, and Asia-Pacific remained the largest region. The continued surge in demand for smart speakers in China has led us to marginally increase our full year 2019 global forecast to 148.8 million units and we now expect the global installed base of smart speakers to exceed 260 million units by the end of the year,” comments David Watkins, Director at Strategy Analytics.
“Demand for smart speakers shows little sign of plateauing, even in more mature markets like the US where ownership has now reached 30% of households. Huge potential remains in untapped regions where local language support has been limited. The arrival of language localized devices in large markets like Russia, Mexico and Brazil will support further demand growth in the coming months and years,” adds David Mercer, Vice President at Strategy Analytics.

The report provides quarterly global shipments and installed base metrics for the top 25+ smart speaker vendors across 15 voice operating systems from Q4 2014 through Q2 2019 with a forecast for the remainder of 2019 and first half of 2020. Regions covered include North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe and Africa & Middle East. This report updates and supersedes Global Smart Speaker Vendor & OS Market Share by Region: Q1 2019 published in May 2019.

The full report from Strategy Analytics’ Smart Speakers and Screens (SSS) service, Smart Speaker Vendor & OS Shipment and Installed Base Market Share by Region: Q2 2019 can be found here.
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