Soundtrap Expands Its Successful Cloud-Based Music and Podcast Recording Platform to Four New Languages in 57 Countries

May 29 2017, 02:50
Soundtrap, the innovative online music and podcast recording platform headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and successfully funded in Silicon Valley, announced that it will make its Consumer and Education solutions available as part of an expansion to four new languages: Spanish, French, German and Swedish, enabling it to reach millions of new users in more than 57 countries. The easy-to-use solution works across iOS, Android, Chromebooks, Mac and Windows.

Soundtrap enables users to collaborate with peers in the same room or across the globe on music, podcasts and other audio projects including music or language. Launching initially in 2015, Soundtrap soon rolled out an education version of its audio recording platform. Since then, according to the company, more than 350 new schools each week embrace Soundtrap as a preferred educational tool in their classrooms and more than one million users are now using the Soundtrap platform.

"Music collaboration, and the ability to creatively create music and podcasts, should be open to students, educators and musicians around the world," says Soundtrap CEO Per Emanuelsson. "As Soundtrap’s versatile audio platform expands to more languages, we see greater opportunities for users to explore new cultures and share their ideas across continents."

Soundtrap’s group recordings can be done with students and other users from within an “invited” secure group, collaborating with participants in a “Walled Garden” environment which is protected from the rest of the Internet. Teachers can create walled-garden groups for a single class, an entire school, or multiple classes or schools.

Soundtrap works across iOS, Android, Chromebooks, Mac and Windows platforms, making it ideally suited for project-based learning and collaborative assignments. Fully integrated with Google Classroom, Soundtrap was named “The Best Website for Teaching and Learning 2015” by the American Association of School Librarians and is a winner in the 2017 EdTech Digest Awards program.

There's a video about Soundtrap here. And a video about Soundtrap in education here.
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