Sound Devices Announces New 888 Portable Production Mixer-Recorder

October 25 2019, 09:10
Sound Devices announced the third mixer-recorder in their new 8-Series: the 888 Portable Production Mixer-Recorder. The 888 is the smallest location mixer-recorder available that offers Dante for sending and receiving audio over Ethernet. Featuring also 8 ultra low-noise, 8-Series microphone preamplifiers, 16 channels, 20 tracks, multiple powering methods, and support for multiple USB control surfaces, the 888 can be easily tailored to any sound professional’s workflow.

Sound Devices seems to be unstoppable. The Reedsburg, Wisconsin based company has already completely renewed its range of portable recording and mixing solutions for film, video, ENG and general production, offering updated platforms and reinforcing its support to audio-over-IP interface, implementing Audinate's Dante technology.

The new Sound Devices 888 is very similar in size to the company's popular 788T recorder. Due to its compact size, lightweight, Dante capabilities, and high channel count, the 888 is well-suited for either bag or mobile cart use.

Following the recent launch of the 833 portable compact mixer, the 888 rounds out the 8-Series line of mixer-recorders, fitting in between the Scorpio and the 833 in terms of size, inputs, and outputs. Scorpio offers the most inputs and outputs of the 8-Series, with an astonishing 16 microphone preamplifiers, 32 channels of Dante in and out, and a total of 32 channels and 36 tracks. The 833 is a smaller mixer-recorder, perfect for bag use and mobile productions. Announced in August of this year, it features 6 microphone preamplifiers, 8 channels, and 12 tracks.

All 8-Series mixer-recorders feature dedicated trim and fader controls, dedicated returns and coms, and internal timecode generator, AES in/out, 2 SD card slots, an internal 256 GB SSD, dual L-Mount battery powering and charging, and an updated processing architecture with multiple FPGAs. This architecture is unique to the 8-Series and enables the mixer-recorder to be fully routable: any physical input may be sent to any track, bus, or output. Dugan Automixing and Sound Devices’ own MixAssist are integrated with the 8-Series mixer-recorders. Both algorithms automatically attenuate unused microphones in multi-microphone applications and provide an additional tool to sound professionals.

The 888 Portable Production Mixer-Recorder begins shipping October 30, 2019.​
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