Sonifex to Show New AES67 Solutions at IBC 2018

August 20 2018, 00:50
AES67 is the keyword for Sonifex at IBC 2018. With the broadcast industry progressing steadily to fully IP infrastructures, the British company will be showing a number of new AVN AES67 products on its booth (8.E61) at IBC this year. These consist of a range of portal mix engines, AES67 stream mix monitor and talkback intercoms, including a full range of headphone amplifiers, all of which use the AES67 AoIP format to provide compatibility for AoiP connections.
Sonifex AVN-PA8D, 8 x Stereo Analogue Line Inputs and 8 x Stereo Analogue Outputs.

The new Sonifex AVN Portal range of mix engines consist of three main units. The Portals’ versatility allows them to be used for any applications where mixing of signals is required, e.g. an 8 channel cleanfeed generator, to send 64 streams of IFB to connected belt-packs, or as an 8 output zone mixer. They can be combined with the Sonifex AVN-HA1/AVN-HD1 headphone amplifiers to create a headphone distribution system, with dynamic, remotely controllable input mixes.
The mix matrix software.
The AVN-PA8 Portal has 8 x stereo analogue line inputs & outputs on D-type sockets with AES59 analogue pinout, paralleled with 8 x RJ45 connectors using a StudioHub pinout. Up to 16 x AES67 input channels and 64 x AES67 output channels can be created in each Portal, supporting the full range of AES67 packet times and channel counts. The key to the success of the units is the mix matrix where physical inputs can be freely mixed and routed with AES67 streams in a simple and intuitive way to both physical outputs and AES67 streams, whilst also adding DSP functions (e.g. gain) at inputs, outputs and cross-points. The units can stream RAVENNA, AES67 or AES67-enabled Dante (using SAP) AoIP connected streams.

The AVN-PD8 Portal has 8 x stereo AES3 digital line inputs & outputs and there is the AVN-PM8 Portal, which has 8 x mic/line inputs and 8 x stereo line outputs. Each of the portals can be supplied either with or without front panel input and output metering on 2 bright TFT displays. Also the rear panel can use either XLR/D-type audio I/O connections or terminal block connectors, for the AV market.

The Sonifex AVN-PXH12, 12 x 2 Channel Mix Monitor is a world first. It can simply and effectively, simultaneously monitor and mix up to 24 AES67 AoIP sources in a compact 1U rack to a speaker/headphone combination in a quick and intuitive way. It is ideal for use in production galleries, OB trucks and engineering racks rooms.

Finally, the AVN range of talkback intercoms was launched last year, which natively uses AES67 AoIP to link devices over a standard Ethernet network, to allow simple installation and web-browser configuration. As well as releasing new hardware models this year, new firmware has been released to add functionality to the products. An IFB mode, universal connections, a 4W bridge mode and a talk/force listen mode.

The first release was the AVN-TB10AR, which is a 10 button talkback intercom. This is an advanced talkback/listening/paging intercom unit to enable voice/audio communication between different areas in a facility or building complex. It can define 10 other ‘stations’, one per button, for communication.

Two further new models have now been added to the range: The AVN-TB6, 6 station talkback intercom and the AVN-TB20AR, 20 station rackmount intercom.
The large AVN-20AD and the new AVN-TB6D compact talkback intercom station.

The AVN-TB6, 6 station talkback Intercom has a smaller button count for smaller talkback systems. It comes freestanding which can be rack mounted (AVN-TB6) or as a desktop version (AVN-TB6D), which is in a smaller form factor with an elegant sloped front. Both have mic & headset inputs, +48V phantom power for the mic input, headphone & speaker outputs with volume control and loudspeaker mute & mic mute buttons.

The AVN-TB20AR & AVN-TB20AD are 2 versions of the 20 station intercom. The AVN-TB20AR is the rack mount version and the AVN-TB20AD is the desktop. They share the same feature set as the AVN-TB6 units but have more station buttons allowing greater communication for larger facilities.
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