Solid State Logic Releases New FlexVerb Plug-In and SLL Native V6.1

October 19 2018, 00:05
Solid State Logic announced the launch of FlexVerb as part of its new SSL Native v6.1 software release. The new release adds FlexVerb, a stunning new professional reverb plug-in and new preset management tools for the complete SSL Native collection. FlexVerb is a brand new fully-featured and extremely versatile SSL reverb plug-in designed to deliver a professional mix-ready sound in a quick and intuitive way. 

FlexVerb’s algorithmic architecture offers the depth, character and detail of a professional reverb in a simple rewarding interface. FlexVerb’s versatile split early-late reflection interface allows users to add the natural body and tone of different early room reflections, complimented by the richness of a variety of expansive reverb tail options. FlexVerb features a 6-band EQ, High and Low Pass Filters, 3-band reverb time multipliers and input sidechain compressor to help users craft reverb that sits perfectly in any mix. 

V6.1 also includes improvements to the preset management system for all plug-ins in the SSL Native range, as well as dedicated additional MCU plug-in control mapping for Apple’s Logic Pro and Steinberg’s Cubase, and the addition of over 80 producer presets for the SSL Native plug-in range. SSL Native v6.1 plug-ins are available in AAX, VST3/VST2, and AU formats, available now on an affordable $14.99 subscription or to purchase outright from the SSL web store.

For all existing Duende Native and SSL Native users, v6.1 is a free update. Existing iLok licenses that say ‘SSL Duende Native’ in their iLok License Manager account will continue to authorize with v6.1. FlexVerb can be used with an existing Duende Native X-Verb iLok license; a free crossgrade for existing X-Verb customers. Existing and new SSL Native subscription holders will automatically receive a FlexVerb iLok license for the duration of their subscription as part of the SSL Native plug-in suite.
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