Solid State Logic Joins Sennheiser's AMBEO for VR Partnership Program

April 9 2019, 00:50
At NAB 2019, Sennheiser and Solid State Logic (SSL) have announced their cooperation within the framework of the AMBEO for VR partnership program. Solid State Logic’s S500, S300 and TCR System T broadcast mixing consoles will now feature onboard AMBEO A-B conversion for the Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic. The AMBEO VR Microphone is an ideal tool for providing the 3D audio basis in immersive audio productions. The signals from the Ambisonics microphone can now directly be fed into SSL’s System T consoles.
System T, the new generation of broadcast audio production systems from Solid State Logic, now features AMBEO A-B conversion for accepting direct input from the AMBEO VR Mic.

“We are extremely happy to welcome Solid State Logic to our partnership program,” says Véronique Larcher, AMBEO Immersive Audio co-director at Sennheiser. “Our AMBEO VR Mic and SSL’s System T consoles are trailblazers in immersive audio broadcasting. With this partnership, we are making the workflows for the creation of immersive formats far easier."

“The partnership with Sennheiser AMBEO expands our growing functionality to provide processing for multiple audio formats for immersive and three-dimensional audio; channel-based, objects, Ambisonics and binaural,” commented Tom Knowles, SSL Broadcast Product Manager. “System T now provides on-board A-B format conversion support for the AMBEO VR Mic, with a 360 transcoder to render to a wide range of multi-channel outputs from 4.0 to 7.1.4. This allows our clients to use the AMBEO VR Mic to add ambient sound to a live immersive production or provide decoding for a live VR mix."
Graphical user interface of SSL’s 360 transcoder with AMBEO A-B converter.

The AMBEO A-B converter works hand in hand with SSL’s 360 transcoder. While the former provides the processing-ready B-format from the Ambisonics AMBEO VR Mic, the latter converts this signal to a broad range of output formats and loudspeaker arrangements, ranging from 4.0. to 5.1.4 and 7.1.4. Broadcast engineers will be able to record and process immersive content with far greater ease, and without the need for any additional physical equipment.

System T is a new generation of dedicated broadcast audio production systems from Solid State Logic, designed to handle large-scale productions and multi-platform delivery. A range of hardware and software control interfaces can be placed anywhere on a network accessing Tempest processor cores and Network I/O audio interfaces. Dante, AES67 and ST 2110-30 AoIP connectivity provides complete interoperability. AoIP discovery, connection management and automatic stream creation are managed directly from the control surface, providing an intuitive audio-centric routing interface. Multiple consoles can be used on a single network, with the ability to re-configure control interfaces and processing resources to suit production requirements.
The Sennheiser AMBEO VR Ambisonics microphone – pictured without the mic basket – provides the 3D audio basis in immersive audio productions.

AMBEO is Sennheiser’s initiative for truly immersive 3D audio. The program encompasses products, technologies, software and workflows for the entire immersive audio signal chain, from capture and mixing to processing and reproduction. It includes hardware such as the AMBEO VR Mic, AMBEO Smart Headset, AMBEO AR One, and the AMBEO Soundbar as well as software/expertise such as the AMBEO Blueprints, AMBEO A-B converter, the AMBEO binaural panner (Orbit) and further DAW plug-ins. The AMBEO for VR partnership program was created in 2017 to ensure seamless workflows for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality productions. |
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