New Shure MV5C Home Office Microphone Designed For Consistent Audio During Meetings

November 10 2020, 00:45
After promoting its latest MV7 hybrid XLR/USB microphone, which clearly appealed to users who recognize the similitude with the famous SM7B, Shure also launched a new member to its MOTIV range of USB microphones, with the new MV5C design, focusing on improving voice audio quality and making video conferencing from home more effective. The number 5 in the Shure MV5C is not by chance. Effectively, this microphone evokes the classical Shure 55 Unidyne (unidirectional) series, with the design of the Shure Uniplex and "Rocket" microphones, in a USB compatible microphone that connects directly to any Mac or Windows laptop or computer.

This microphone is also a version of the already existing Shure MV5, which was optimized for microphone recording, supported by the ShurePlus MOTIV app for iOS platforms and offering DSP presets. But apart from having the same look, the Shure MV5C (C for Conferencing) focuses on making life simple for anyone who needs to enhance the audio quality of its own voice during meetings, upgrading on any built-in microphone option by allowing close proximity (with radio or professional announcer style), with its elegant, fully adjustable desk mount stand. An ideal solution for working-from-home professionals, the condenser cardioid microphone provides clear audio from any home office, without the need to wear headphones. And that's the reason why Shure called it "Home Office Microphone".

This is because Shure knows that executives presenting to leadership, sales teams pitching to a new client, and teachers tackling the world of distance-learning, all demand one thing in this new age of virtual collaboration: crystal clear audio that allows them to speak confidently while delivering their message. To support the needs of this new working environment, the Shure MV5C Home Office Microphone provides optimal audio quality by prioritizing the user’s voice and not the environment. 

"With nearly everything now operating from home — TV productions, education, health and wellness, and our everyday work — we quickly realized the need for improved audio in these settings," says John Born, Senior Global Product Manager at Shure. "The MV5C provides drastically better sound from a brand that professionals have been trusting for decades to support their biggest moments on stage. In the simplest and most concise way, you can now have the confidence that your message, presentation, or story, is being heard loud and clear."

User set-up is intentionally simplified, so professionals of all levels can unbox the MV5C, plug it into their computer, and that’s it. The set-up also provides different audio modes for "set it and forget it" applications. Headphones are optional, allowing users to take a break and listen through the computer’s built-in speaker or external speakers. The microphone is compatible with Mac or Windows devices by using the supplied USB-A or USB-C cables for a direct connection.

Out-of-the-box, the MV5C is a directional microphone and features Shure’s Speech Enhancement Mode to enhance the user’s voice on audio or video calls for even clearer sound. Users can speak during Zoom, Skype or Teams meetings with confidence, knowing that their voice will be heard clearly, without having to repeat themselves or be asked to talk louder. The MV5C compact design easily fits on any desk and the fully adjustable desk mount stand allows users to easily tilt the position of the MV5C toward the talker's mouth.

The MV5C Home Office Microphone is available for purchase at select retailers and at for $99 USD.
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