Sennheiser MKE 2 elements Action Mic for GoPro is Seriously Impressive

April 14 2017, 03:10
We knew it was coming. Sennheiser has been working for some time on perfecting the right microphone to go with the incredible GoPro Hero4 cameras. The result is nothing short of amazing with a microphone solution that is able to generate impactful sound no matter how and where the compact cameras are used. The waterproof and shockproof MKE 2 elements microphone is able to withstand extreme conditions always providing a balanced soundtrack for what's on camera. It will be shown at NAB 2017 and available starting 24 April.

Designed to be tough enough to go wherever an ultra-tough action camera can, the new GoPro-verified MKE 2 elements microphone  for HERO4 Black and Silver cameras from Sennheiser allows users to capture incredible high-quality sound, whether recording a skiing holiday or when surfing. It is even capable of recording under water.

As the ideal partner to the GoPro HERO4, Sennheiser’s new MKE 2 elements microphone has been created to record even in the most extreme situations. It can take on virtually anything GoPro users throw at it – even activities like surfing, climbing or mountain biking – and will enhance audio recordings even in conditions such as wind, water, snow and dust.

“In the world of action sports, uncompromising sound quality was still a summit to be scaled,” says Achim Gleissner, Commercial Manager for Broadcast & Media at Sennheiser. “Until now, users have had to accept that there are situations where poor-quality recordings are inevitable or even when sound capture is impossible, such as under water. The MKE 2 elements breaks through these barriers, so you can make your action cam footage even more intense with fantastic sound. Of course, the microphone performs equally well in less extreme situations: The MKE 2 elements will be an ideal companion for producing outdoor travel footage, with its special design protecting your recordings from wind noise.”
The MKE 2 elements is waterproof for 30 minutes down to 1 meter and is able to work with temperatures from -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F - storage temperatures of -20°C to 70°C/ -4°F to 158°F), making it nearly immune to snow, wind, and water. A professional Sennheiser microphone capsule is mounted on a short and flexible soft mount, protected inside the special screw-on windshield which is able to withstand extreme temperatures, water, ice and dust and effectively removes the environmental noises such as wind that would normally be the greatest challenge. An elastic suspension suppresses any structure-borne noise, and the windshield can simply be washed with running water after use. The microphone's pick-up pattern is omnidirectional as it should be for an action camera with wide-eye lenses and the audio results are very impressive. 
The MKE 2 elements action microphone comes complete with a special windshield and a back cover for the GoPro HERO4 protective case, keeping the camera hermetically sealed.
Here is a gallery of what's inside the MKE 2 elements box, how to attach it to the GoPro and a view of the microphone capsule and flexible mount inside the protective windshield.

The MKE 2 elements has obtained “Works with GoPro” verification and has been created by Sennheiser as part of the GoPro Developer Program, which ensures seamless integration with GoPro products. “Through our Developer Program we are very proud to be working with companies like Sennheiser to pursue a shared vision and create seamless user experiences between our products,” says Ted Simonides, Director, Developer Partnerships at GoPro. “The MKE 2 elements epitomises this spirit of innovation and lets GoPro users take their adventures even further.”

”Sennheiser is currently the only audio company that has obtained Works with GoPro verification, and the ground-breaking nature of the MKE 2 elements is a testament to the power of this collaborative and excellence-driven approach,” adds Achim Gleissner. “In parallel to bringing the MKE 2 elements to the market, Sennheiser is working on solutions for HERO5 cameras and is excited to continue to collaborate with GoPro as their products evolve.”
There are seriously impressive videos about the MKE 2 elements in action here.
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