Sennheiser Announces New HD 660 S Improved Open Dynamic Headphones

October 13 2017, 05:00
Sennheiser has launched the new HD 660 S open dynamic headphone for the passionate music enthusiasts. The new model builds on the legacy of the popular HD 650, surpassing the exceptional performance of its predecessor with a new and improved transducer design that, the company says, "delivers lower harmonic distortion for an even more natural, lifelike audio experience." With a lower impedance of 150 ohms, the HD 660 S offers "even greater versatility, allowing listeners to enjoy the headphones’ reference-class fidelity with both stationary and mobile HiRes players."

“The HD 660 S reflects and enriches today’s increasingly multifaceted audiophile experience. It frees listeners to enjoy music to the fullest – whether digital or analog, on a mobile device or on a home HiFi system,” says Axel Grell, Head of Portfolio Management Audiophile at Sennheiser. “The headphones deliver an exceptionally accurate and transparent sound that also has an expressiveness that immerses you in every emotion and nuance of music.”

The improved acoustic design ensures low harmonic distortion, while Sennheiser’s proprietary transducer offers improved control of the diaphragm movements thanks to a specially manufactured precision stainless steel fabric, which is adapted to the contour of the diaphragm. "The transducers are carefully selected and paired by hand to guarantee consistently narrow (± 1 dB) tolerances, while their extremely light aluminum voice coils ensure the highest impulse fidelity. Together, these refinements achieve the authentic, lifelike sound of the HD 660 S – with crisp bass, excellent mid frequency response and a gentle, pleasantly natural treble," Sennheiser says.

"Crafted for a lifetime of listening enjoyment In the HD 660 S, leading-edge technology meets a long tradition of uncompromising German audio and build quality. This combination of craftsmanship and breakthrough innovation is reflected in their new matt black and anthracite design – a high-end aesthetic that embraces both contemporary style and timeless elegance." 

The robust yet lightweight construction also makes listening supremely comfortable. The elliptical ear cups are shaped to follow the anatomy of the ear, while thick padding on the headband and the replaceable ear cushions provides a relaxing and luxurious experience that places the enjoyment of music at center stage. 

Created for the diversity of today’s audiophile experience Offering a lower impedance of 150 ohms, the HD 660 S can be enjoyed with HiRes mobile players or when directly connected to high-quality, stationary HiFi components. "They fully reveal their potential when connected to the balanced outputs of a dedicated headphone amplifier such as the Sennheiser HDV 820 or to the balanced output of a mobile digital audio player. Accordingly, the headphones offer a choice of connectivity options. The detachable connecting cables made from highly conductive OFC copper offer either a 6.35 mm stereo plug or a balanced 4.4 mm Pentaconn stereo plug, with a 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm adapter also provided," the announcement adds.

The HD 660 S will be available from mid-October for 499.95 USD and 679.95 CAD
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