Savant Announces New Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit Compatible Products

May 31 2019, 00:35
Savant, a leading manufacturer of smart home technology, has introduced a high-fidelity smart audio amplifier that will support AirPlay 2 and HomeKit as part of the company’s new Smart Series family, offering popular music streaming services, 24-bit and 96kHz high-resolution playback with ultra-low latency and 125 Watts per channel out of the box. The company also announced that its music and whole-house audio experience is now available as an easy to configure standalone app, Savant Music, and that is smart soundbar now supports Siri control of HomeKit devices.

The new Savant SmartAmp features an onboard DSP engine that has been optimized for all Savant loudspeakers including Savant’s small aperture PoE speakers. The DSP also supports an EQ which enables precise fine audio tuning. Users will love the intuitive standalone Savant Music app, providing easy setup and customization of shortcuts to their favorite music and artists. The Savant SmartAmp will be available summer, 2019 with an MSRP of $699.

Using multiple Savant SmartAmps and Micro Aperture architectural speakers enable users to enjoy a premium distributed audio experience. They can easily group rooms, create entertainment scenes, playlists and favorites through the standalone Savant Music app. The Savant Smart Amp can be connected to any speakers, including Savant’s full line of high-performance architectural loudspeakers and sound bars as part of a single room music system or for the entire home. 

"This powerful, 125 Watt per channel amplifier will deliver sparklingly clear music to any room throughout the home, and an array of digital and analog inputs and outputs make the amp plug-and-play with other entertainment devices such as TVs, media players and more. The Savant SmartAmp is fully upgradable to a complete Savant smart home system, giving users the ultimate flexibility to add intelligent functionality down the road," the company states.

Savant’s self-powered Micro Aperture architectural speakers use Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to drastically reduce the complexity associated with distributed audio system design and installation. Each powered speaker utilizes a Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) driver, which delivers exceptional sensitivity and wide dispersion. Each PoE speaker contains a highly efficient amplifier with DSP to optimize performance. These self-powered speakers not only reduce installation time, they also deliver superb sound quality throughout any space because content remains in the digital domain from source to speaker.

Siri and HomeKit Integration
Savant also announced that its Smart Home Software is now embedded in the Savant Smart Soundbar. This implementation brings Siri Voice command functionality and HomeKit compatibility to the Savant connected home experience. The Smart Soundbar is the first of many advanced audio products to become available from Savant that directly control HomeKit and Savant third party devices using Savant smart home software running inside.

Combined with Savant’s already impressive roster of 3rd party integration partners, effortless control of HomeKit compatible devices such as door locks, smart thermostats, light bulbs and more is just a voice command away utilizing Siri on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, HomePod and now through the native voice button on Savant’s Pro Remote.

Thanks to IP-based integration with Apple TV, Savant users will enjoy easy control over media player commands such as (PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT, SELECT/MENU, etc.) and direct access to the Apple TV Home Screen and Now Playing commands. Using the Savant Pro Remote with its voice engine, users can enjoy push-to-talk voice control via Siri.

The Savant Pro Remote offers an intuitive human interface for entertainment systems and smart home functionality featuring an app-driven platform combined with hard buttons, touchscreen interface and voice control. Having already delivered native integrations with Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants to the Savant platform, users now have access to Siri-based voice control of Apple TV using the Savant Pro Remote. Savant users can now simply ask Siri to find a movie, an album, an artist, a playlist, a streaming service and more.

This new functionality, which includes Apple HomeKit integration with hundreds of smart home devices, represents one of the most requested features for this product by Savant customers worldwide and is easily configured by Savant’s iPad-based Studio app and Blueprint Software.
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