Salk Sound Introduces Song3 Affordable Three-Way Speakers

May 31 2016, 04:00
Salk Signature Sound has introduced a very affordable system with high quality sound. Jim Salk’s new $2895 per pair Song3 vented three-way floor stander speakers sports a RAAL 64-10 ribbon on top, a 4” bamboo cone mid, and a Satori 7.5” Egyptian papyrus woofer. Two years in design, the newest addition to Salk’s product line was auditioned for the first time at the AXPONA 2016 show in Chicago and is now shipping.
The new Salk Sound Song3 speakers - in special black and white ceruse finish - introduced at AXPONA 2016, together with Wells Audio new Majestic class A/B amplifiers.

As the name implies, the Song3 is a vented 3–way member of the Song loudspeaker family. The slim tower construction leverages Salk Sound’s expertise in creating high fidelity speakers that also deliver exceptional value. For an accurate, low distortion treble response, the Song3 employs RAAL Advanced Loudspeakers’ select model 64-10 tweeter coupled to a 4th order crossover network. The 4” midrange driver, with a bamboo fiber reinforced cone and neodymium magnet, is complemented by a 7.5”, low distortion high sensitivity woofer with an Egyptian papyrus cone.

The speaker’s nominal impedance is an easy to drive 8 Ohms, with an 88 decibels (dB) sensitivity. Despite the slender, decor friendly design, the Song3 achieves a frequency response of 33 Hz to 40 kHz, ±3 dB. The dimensions of each tower is 9.5” wide and 42” in height. Front to back depth is 14.5”, and the weight of an individual speaker is 70 pounds. The suggested minimum recommended power is 50 watts per channels.

Jim Salk, founder and chief designer, is always concerned with balancing capability and cost. Believing that great sound shouldn’t require great expense, Salk initially thought that the design mandate was a contradiction. When asked to design a great 3–way for under $3000, he thought that it couldn’t be done. Now, with advances in driver design “…and our increased manufacturing proficiency, we have delivered an uncommonly smooth and neutral speaker with seamless integration of the carefully chosen components. It plays remarkably low and, as one critic mentioned, throws one heck of a wide and deep soundstage thanks in no small part to the ribbon’s outstanding transient response.”

Per pair pricing for the Song3 is $2895 for the standard curly maple, curly cherry and curly walnut, plus oak, straight mahogany and satin black finishes. Hardwood trim, custom colors and dyed finishes are also available as an option, as are crossover component and bi–wiring upgrades.

Founded in 2002 and based in Pontiac, Michigan, Salk Signature Sound is direct-sales manufacturer of high fidelity loudspeakers for the home audio enthusiast.
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