RØDE Microphones Unveils AI-1 USB Type-C Audio Recording Interface

December 5 2017, 03:00
RØDE Microphones has released its first Audio Interface – the AI-1. For a leading microphone manufacturer, this might seem like an odd initiative, but the Australian company turned the announcement into a powerful audio recording proposition. The RØDE AI-1 is a simple computer 24-bit/96kHz USB bus-powered desktop interface, featuring a high-quality preamp with phantom power, one Neutrik XLR-1/4” analog combo input, two balanced outputs, and headphone amplifier, allowing direct monitoring.

The AI-1 USB Audio Interface adds studio-quality input and output capabilities to any computer, making home recording easier than it has ever been. With its high quality Neutrik combo jack input and discrete Class-A preamp, users will be able to connect either a microphone, guitar or a line level instrument, such as a synthesizer. The robust cast aluminum chassis, is not only durable but also seats solid on the desk even when connected with long cables.

Designed to work seamlessly with Mac or Windows computers (USB Class compliant, not requiring any drivers), the RØDE AI-1 is also the first recording interface we've seen to ship already with USB Type C connector, allowing to draw extra power to feed the discreet microphone preamp and headphone amp stages, providing superior input and outputs audio signals even with its affordable price range. This includes, providing full 48V phantom power for a studio condenser microphone on the preamp, only using the power that's provided by the computer.

The compact design features two control knobs (one for input and another for output) with LED displays on the front, guiding the user while adjusting recording levels from microphone of direct instrument sources, engaging the 48V phantom power, and adjusting the headphone volume or the volume on the two balanced outputs, feeding studio monitors. Pressing the volume control knob on the right, engages direct monitoring, allowing the user to listen to the recording signal from the preamp section, directly on the headphones, without any latency. 

“The AI-1 offers pro-studio quality at a home studio price point. It’s simply the best in its class – and it’s also incredibly easy to use, thanks to thoughtful design and Australian Made quality. The perfect companion to any RØDE microphone,” states Damien Wilson, CEO of RØDE Microphones.

To make the AI-1 even more attractive, RØDE is actually offering a complete bundle with the Complete Studio Kit, which includes the AI-1 with RØDE’s peerless NT1 large diaphragm condenser microphone, SMR shock mount with popshield, 20 foot XLR and USB C/A cables. For a limited time, every sale of the AI-1 comes with a FREE version the recording software Ableton Live Lite, redeemable at www.rode.com/ableton.
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