RHA Introduces Bluetooth 5 Universal Wireless Flight Adapter

July 11 2019, 00:55
Scottish headphone manufacturer RHA has released a Wireless Flight Adapter with a market leading 16-hour battery life – allowing users to connect wireless headphones to in-flight entertainment systems. The adapter can also be used to turn audio devices - from cassette players to game consoles - into Bluetooth compatible devices. The RHA Wireless Flight Adapter is a Bluetooth 5 device able to transmit in a range of 10 meters or more, and is available now for for only 49.95 EUR/USD.
We've been there. We brought our latest true wireless earbuds and we would love to use it to watch the available movies during a long flight... Optimized for travel, RHA’s Wireless Flight Adapter has two jacks, which can be used separately or together – allowing listeners to connect to either a single stereo or twin mono audio channels. With a simple one-button interface, listeners can quickly pair their favorite Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to listen to any portable audio player like those forgotten iPods, or just enjoy the latest new releases on in-flight entertainment, wire-free.

There's been many Bluetooth adaptors pitched in crowdfunding websites, and some consumer electronic manufacturers have thought about the wireless connectivity as an add-on feature to portable DAC's, but apparently RHA was the first to truly understand the key selling-feature of a simple universal wireless adaptor. The compact and sleek design ensures users can settle down on a long-haul flight without hassle. With 16-hours of battery life, this is a device that quickly becomes a valuable travel companion, but also a daily utility in many situations since the Wireless Adapter will also provide continuous playback if plugged in via the supplied USB-C cable (applause!).
Not limited to airplane use, the Wireless Flight Adapter plugs into the headphone jack on portable gaming devices and fitness equipment – perfect for gamers and gym-goers. Vintage Hi-Fi and TV enthusiasts now have the freedom to listen and watch wire-free without noise complaints. The adapter operates with SBC, aptX, or aptX Low Latency (no AAC unfortunately...) and is equipped with Bluetooth 5 for improved connectivity. Easy pairing, the ability to remember up to 8 devices, and a 10m+ range ensures a seamless transition for the adventurers and go-getters of the world.

“We designed the Wireless Flight Adapter for all sorts of travel, whether you’re a frequent flyer or a parent on an annual road trip. Frequent flyers will love the adapter’s build quality and three-year international warranty, parents will love the ability to pair multiple headphones, and long-haul travelers will love the 16-hour battery life. As well as being able to make the most of the superb choice of films and entertainment on flights, the flight adapter can be used to convert any device with a 3.5mm audio connection to Bluetooth including portable gaming devices and gym equipment,” explains Colum Fraser, RHA’s Global Marketing Manager.
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