RevoNext Dual-Driver NEX202 In-Ear Headphones Now Available

August 5 2019, 00:20
RevoNext, a company established in 2015 by a Swedish designer and a team of audio engineers from California with many years of experience in consumer products, and manufacturing in China, announced the availability of its NEX202 dual driver in-ear earphones. With a design that combines a 12 mm titanium composite diaphragm dynamic driver with a balanced armature for the high-frequencies, the new NEX2020 deliver on sound quality and excellent value, for just $49.99.

When it comes to in-ear headphones, the market continues to expand with new brands and companies offering all sorts of products, from custom molds to multiple drivers, all with detachable cables than invite users to explore all sorts of personalization options. Price ranges can typical span from $100 to many thousands of dollars. RevoNext was founded in 2015, specializing in the design and development of in-ear headphones for music enthusiasts, positioned on the affordable range. 

The company's latest product, the NEX202 in-ear dual-driver earphones, combines a dynamic driver with a balanced armature and are available from Amazon for just $49.99 in black and gun metal grey. Providing an enjoyable listening experience for music enthusiasts in a design that's ready for everyday use, the RevoNext NEX202 have a patented design with an aviation aluminum alloy that looks great and are ergonomically designed to fit naturally in the ear canal of most people and be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 

The NEX202's high-precision structure features an upgraded detachable cable for additional quality, using a 3.5mm anti-oxidation nickel-plated connector and a 0.78mm 2-pin high-end plug that also invites to personalization options. For source devices without a 3.5mm jack connection, RevoNext also sells a Bluetooth cable which simply slots in where the 2 pin detachable audio cable would fit.
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