Degauss Labs Targets Demanding Users with Twelve Driver Earphones Lightning

August 20 2019, 00:55
Swedish company Degauss Labs, also an OEM for the audio industry, expanded its catalog of personal audio products with the Degauss Labs Twelve Driver Earphones Lightning, characterized as "the most detailed and powerful earphones" the company has ever built. Complemented with a specific iPhone compatible Lightning cable, the design combines a total of 12 balanced armature drivers and all aspects have been optimized to provide the best possible audio experience with high resolution digital audio sources.

Degauss Labs is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and the company advertises itself as a source for direct manufacturing and outsourcing with quality design and production services for the audio industry. In a way, this explains why the company is able to launch a new product with such a detailed level of attention, as demonstrated by its flagship Twelve Driver Earphones Lightning.

The new in-ear design was carefully planned to satisfy the most demanding user that demands top audio quality, pays attention to all details and likes listening to music with minimum fuss around adaptors and cables, in particular when traveling. The housings are made of plastic but have a perfect finish, and more important are small and extremely light. And nothing translates better the intended quality and convenience message than a product that simply plugs directly to an iPhone via Lightning cable.

The Twelve Driver in-ears feature an optimal over the ear ergonomic fit, together with a variety of ear-tips options (silicone and foam) to provide individualized fit for comfort and noise isolation. This over-the-ear cable design also reduces cable-borne interference (microphonics) that occurs with most conventional headphones, featuring a durable and tangle-resistant cable with gold plated headphone jack and standard 3 button Mic controls. To add an extra level of convenience and reliability, Degauss equipped the Twelve Driver earphones with snap-on Micro-Miniature Coaxial Connectors (MMCX) connectors, which means users will be able to use wireless options or even a 3.5mm cable if needed (there's one included in the package).

And because the Twelve Driver Lightning utilizes Apple's own Lightning cable and connector, the connection to iPhone offers all the advantages over the standard 3.5mm jack, as the digital audio signal supports the best possible quality offered by the source files, from traditional 16-bit (CD-quality) audio to high-res 24-bit audio. Inside the Lightning MMCX cable is a high performance audio codec chip capable of receiving digital signals up to 24-bit/192kHz, even though iOS currently limits this to 48kHz - but everyone knows this is changing very soon.

This digital connection is of course translated to great detail by the 12 balanced armature drivers (6 on each side), which are carefully tuned and offer full-bandwidth reproduction, optimized for higher definition audio formats. A type of design we see normally offered by brands that target very expensive in-ear monitors, while the Twelve Driver Lightning costs only EUR €265.00.

The new Degauss Labs Twelve Driver Earphones Lightning are available now through the company’s website and offers free shipping in the USA, Canada and the European Union.
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