Renkus-Heinz Announces Three New Iconyx Steerable Arrays

February 6 2018, 03:10
Renkus-Heinz has significantly expanded its family of acclaimed Iconyx-series digitally steerable column arrays, introducing the new IC8-HD, IC Live X, and IC Live XL models. The IC Live X and IC Live XL deliver even higher SPL than the current ICLive's, while the IC8-HD is Renkus-Heinz’ highest-definition array ever. The Californian manufacturer introduced the three new models at ISE 2018, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

As with other Iconyx-series arrays, the new models deliver digital beam-steering technology that precisely aims the sound at the audience and away from walls and ceilings. This combination of Renkus-Heinz technologies enables systems that cover even the most problematic spaces, while the slim enclosures remain vertical and inconspicuous.

Renkus-Heinz' new IC8-HD combines precise beam steering with the finest audio performance using 32 discrete amplifier/DSP channels to control its 24 high-frequency drivers and eight 4-inch low-mid woofers.

The IC8-HD is compatible with all Iconyx Gen5 modules. Combining the new high-definition arrays with Iconyx Gen5 models enhances the low-frequency response and provides superior sound in a cost-effective system.

The new ICLive X features individually controlled and amplified two eight-inch woofers and six one-inch high-frequency compression drivers. Its compact cabinet can be mounted on a tripod stand, pole-mounted above a subwoofer, or installed in tall, continuous arrays. Presets allow for point-source use, with software-adjustable vertical coverage angles. 

By adding the new Renkus-Heinz IC Live XL, which employs four eight-inch woofers, users are able to create an even more flexible and wide-ranging system with enhanced low-mid directivity and sound pressure level.  The IC Live X and IC Live XL can be combined to maximize scalability and flexibility. Mounting the IC Live X above, below, or between the IC Live XLs creates an optimal system for different space configurations. And as many arrays as needed can be combined for mobile or fixed installation use.
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