Q Acoustics Introduces New Premium Design 3000i Loudspeaker Series

April 30 2018, 01:00
UK audio brand Q Acoustics recently opened a direct-to-consumer webstore in the US and now announced a new range of hi-fi speakers with the mission of making genuine premium design products affordable to a mainstream audience. The new 3000i speaker series consists of the 3050i ($799) large floorstander, the compact 3010i ($249) and the mid-sized 3020i ($299). All incorporate technology originally designed for Q Acoustics flagship speaker, Concept 500 ($6K), sold at accessible price points.

The new Q Acoustics 3000i loudspeaker series delivers true hi-fi and immersive, powerful home cinema sound for the home, building on the success of the original 3000 series, now featuring innovative audio and design technology taken from the company’s high-end flagship Concept 500 loudspeaker. The series targets consumers looking for an effective stereo upgrade to a hi-fi system, compact bookshelf speakers for tight spaces or floorstanders for larger rooms. 

The series consists of the 3050i large floorstander, the compact 3010i and the mid-sized 3020i. The original 3000 series delivered an open, realistic and powerful soundstage typical of more expensive speakers, winning multiple industry awards. Through significant upgrades, both sonically and aesthetically, Q Acoustics has managed to further enhance the designs. To deliver a larger-scale sound, the 3010i and 3020i bookshelf models have been designed slightly taller and 25% deeper than its predecessors. This increase in physical volume allows the low-end frequencies to be extended for more powerful bass sounds that still belie these speakers’ diminutive size.

The 3000i series of two-way speakers and a companion powered floor subwoofer (150 W Class D) also boasts a fresh elegant design, arriving in four stylish premium finishes - Graphite Grey, English Walnut, Carbon Black or Arctic White - and enhanced with an attractive chrome finish around each driver to fit seamlessly into any interior style.

Q Acoustics’ engineers recognize that a meticulously designed enclosure can reduce the structural vibrations that can adversely affect the sonic performance. Taking P2P (Point to Point) bracing first employed in the $5,999 Concept 500 loudspeakers, the new 3000i range now features internal support in areas of the cabinet that need stiffening, including an extra precision-cut top damping panel. The result is a more focused, accurate and low distortion fidelity.

The 3050i also benefits from innovative audio technology first designed for the company’s flagship floorstander. Tall loudspeaker enclosures are vulnerable to increased internal pressure caused by standing waves. These generate unwanted resonances that color the sound. Q Acoustics’ engineers have employed specially designed HPE (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer) Tubes inside the 3050i’s cabinet to eliminate these performance-effecting vibrations and maintain a transparent soundstage.

The Q Acoustics 3010i is available in May priced $249.
The Q Acoustics 3020i is available in May priced $299.
The Q Acoustics 3050i is available May priced $799.
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