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June 21 2016, 01:00
Voice Coil July 2016 is now available. In Industry News & Developments, Vance Dickason highlights the 2016 AES International Conference on Headphone Technology that will take place in Aalborg, Denmark, August 24–26. He also mentions the new dedicated Headphone QC Analyzer from Danish audio test and measurement specialist, LoudSoft, combining a new dedicated headphone/earphone hardware analyzer with new QC software, FINE QC/Headphone.
In this month’ Spotlight, Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific) writes about State Of The Art (SOTA), a high-tech coating specialist that is focusing on the audio speaker industry. The company offers many unique treatments to protect paper cones and foam surrounds, fabrics, corrosion resistance for steel frames, and magnetic structures from moisture and water. An interesting read at a time when speaker designers face increasing challenges fighting the elements with many diverse applications, including mobile electronics.
Another interesting Spotlight article, features Christopher J. Struck, (CJS Labs), discussing boundary effects on sources at low frequencies.
In Acoustic Patents, James Croft (Croft Acoustical) reviews an application awarded in 2010 to two inventors from Taiwan, on behalf of Jazz Hipster Corp. (Taiwan), regarding an improved structure of a speaker where a circumference of the diaphragm is sealed to an edge of an opening of the cone frame, a container portion is disposed on an inner side of the opening of the cone frame and the surround is disposed between the diaphragm and the container portion of the cone frame, allowing for both expanding the effective diaphragm surface area, for a given loudspeaker chassis diameter, and to provide a suspension that is more linear and arranged for reduced audibility of any nonlinearities that are generated during large diaphragm/suspension excursions.
In Test Bench, Dickason includes multiple transducers, starting with two high-frequency devices, the Fountek Electronics NeoX 3.0 ribbon tweeter and Tang Band (TB) Speaker’s new 1” dome tweeter, the 25-2176S. Those two characterizations are followed by a review of a closed-back midrange driver from B&C Speakers, the 8NSM64, a high-power handling (500 W continuous) 8” midrange for professional PA applications. Dickason finishes the column with a brief review of the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 actuator, which not so much an OEM product as a very interesting installation transducer.
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