PreSonus Releases StudioLive AR USB Hybrid Mixers

October 12 2016, 03:00
PreSonus made a series of new product announcements, paving the way for a strong end of year for the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, company. Completely revamping its already cutting-edge mixer range for musicians, touring bands and events, PreSonus is now shipping its StudioLive AR USB-series hybrid mixers, packed with analog connections and digital tools for live performance and studio use, featuring built-in recording, multichannel interfaces, Bluetooth connections and more.

The new StudioLive AR USB-series is basically the prelude to the already confirmed launching of the new StudioLive 32 digital console/recorder, the largest and most powerful PreSonus mixer so far and the result of nine years of R&D - coming later this month. The third-generation PreSonus StudioLive mixer is fully recallable, with 33 touch-sensitive, motorized faders and 33 recallable XMAX preamps. It will have an all-new Fat Channel processing, re-engineered from the ground up, and vintage-style EQs and compressors. But that’s coming. Lets focus on what was announced now, which is the new PreSonus StudioLive AR USB-series hybrid mixers. 

Of course we mentioned the new StudioLive 32 to make it clear that the new products from PreSonus are actually the result of extensive research. The three models on this new affordable series include the 18-channel StudioLive AR16 USB, 14-channel StudioLive AR12 USB, and 8-channel StudioLive AR8 USB. All mixers are lightweight, versatile, and feature-rich, designed for musicians but featuring also integrated tools for live performance and studio use.

First of all, the new StudioLive AR USB mixers are equipped with a Mac- and Windows-compatible, 24-bit, 96 kHz, USB 2.0 audio interface that can capture all input channels and the main mix. And like every PreSonus mixer before, the new StudioLive AR USB mixers are bundled with the necessary software for musicians to record, mix, and even distribute their music. They can create multitrack recordings with one click in PreSonus’ Capture live-recording software, then mix, edit, and distribute using the Studio One 3 Artist DAW production software - both included for free with the mixers.

And if users want simply to capture a quick two-track mix for rehearsal, every StudioLive AR USB mixer comes equipped with an onboard stereo SD recorder always ready to use. And the same SD recorder can be used to playback up to 32 GB of MP3 and WAV files for backing tracks or sound-checks, without needing a computer.

Most importantly, the new StudioLive AR USB mixers feature the unique PreSonus Super Channel, which allows playing audio from four stereo sources simultaneously. Users only need to connect a media player into the Super Channel’s unbalanced RCA inputs and they can also connect their tablet to the 1/8-inch stereo input. They can play stereo audio from the onboard SD recorder or from any USB-connected Mac or Windows PC. And they can use onboard Bluetooth 4.1 to pair their phone to the StudioLive AR USB mixer and instantly have wireless access to a complete music library for break music, backing tracks, or ear-training. This is great for musicians and rehearsal rooms as well.

Compact and road-ready, StudioLive AR USB mixers are packed with the connections and features needed to mix and record live, in the studio, and in rehearsal, including Class A mic preamps; instrument and line inputs; semi-parametric 3-band EQ; and an internal stereo effects processor, providing a complete all-in-one solution for mixing and recording performances. All models are now available and U.S. MAP/street prices are: StudioLive AR16 USB $599.95; StudioLive AR12 USB $499.95; and StudioLive AR8 USB $399.95. Yes, that’s affordable!
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