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June 10 2019, 18:10

For our July 2019 edition, audioXpress focuses on audio amplification technologies and platforms, starting with a Market Update on Audio Amplifiers. The article looks at the state of the industry in terms of audio amplification, focusing mainly on solid state and several cutting-edge approaches, including OEM modules, amp plate solutions, and the evolution of Class-D topologies — an area that is seeing increasing activity. Apart from illustrating significant trends in the segment, the Market Update discusses what’s new from companies such as Hypex, ICEpower, Pascal Audio, Powersoft, Infineon, and a new company, Purifi Audio.

The Market Update on Audio Amplifiers is complemented with a very timely contribution by Eric Eklund (Product Line Manager, Cirrus Logic), on "Why Smart Power Audio Amplifiers Are Becoming Important to Smartphones." As Eklund explains, as more users disconnect from traditional cords, the need for smart power amplifiers is becoming more critical, particularly for smartphone manufacturers who want to differentiate their products.

And since this edition focuses on audio amplifiers, it also includes another article in our Amplifier Series, where audioXpress explores the history, technological developments, and new generation products from some of the most innovative amplifier platform companies serving all segments of the audio industry. For this edition, Ward Maas writes about Italian company Powersoft, focusing specifically on the brand’s OEM amplifier modules.

And no edition about amplifiers would be complete without a practical perspective on audio electronics. For this edition, Chris Lewis and Dimitri Danyuk write about "Buzz Abatement in Audio Amplifiers," a "tips and tricks" article that provides several details about inductive coupling effects in audio amplifiers and the simple way to minimize them. Valuable lessons from two great experts in the field.

From features focusing on amplifier technology, we move on to reviews, starting with an amplifier. More specifically, the Dayton Audio HTA20BT Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier, which David Logvin had the privilege to use, measure, and put to the test. As he could confirm, there's something special in this combination of an amplifier that combines a tube preamp and Class-D power stage, which can also be used as a headphone amplifier, and features a digital media player and combines built-in Bluetooth streaming capabilities. All at a very affordable price and with the build quality of a Dayton Audio product.

The next review focuses on something special for headphones, looking in-depth at the Sonarworks True-Fi Software, which aims to improve headphone listening on the desktop and smartphone at a price consumers can afford. Luke McCready test drove the software to discover its strengths and limitations, and also shares what’s coming next for Sonarworks.

And because audioXpress always looks at the future and strives to highlight the research and development efforts in all important areas to the audio industry, this edition features a great R&D Stories article by Matt Hardy (Business Development Manager, DeusO GmbH), focusing on Audio Control Interfaces. On "AoIP Delivers on Flexibility, Is Controllability Next?" Hardy looks beyond the transportation of audio over IP, and discusses why the ability to retain controllability over IP connected devices remains a frontier for discussion. The article considers approaches to matching the flexibility of an AoIP network structure with new technologies and standards for control and monitoring user interfaces.

And from R&D to DIY, we bring the conclusion of the Sigma 100 Satellite/Subwoofer Loudspeaker System project. In this second article, George Ntanavaras describes two cases for the active crossover that he used to drive the satellites and the subwoofer—one using a miniDSP 4x10 HD versatile Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and a second one using a pure analog active crossover based on op-amps.

Finally, in his Sound Control Column, Richard Honeycutt discusses Acoustic Design of Music Rehearsal Rooms explaining the basic considerations for anyone looking at building or improving a rehearsal room for a choir, band, orchestra, or garage band. As Honeycutt details, certain principles apply to the design of a successful space, where the key principle is anyone can hear himself and the others in the best possible conditions.

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