Periodic Audio Announces New Carbon Flagship IEM

June 20 2019, 00:55
Periodic Audio is launching its new flagship in-ear headphones during the fifth annual CanJam SoCal show, June 22-23. Known for its use of periodic elements to create unique drivers with beryllium, titanium or a magnesium/aluminum alloy, Periodic Audio pushes the envelope with the new Carbon (C) IEMs, featuring diaphragms made from lab-grown diamonds. According to the company, the Carbon design provides the ultimate statement in resolution — with incredibly low distortion — below that of any other IEM on the market today.

The new Periodic Audio C IEM uses an 8-micron-thick (8 millionths of a meter) layer of lab-grown diamond on Periodic Audio’s proprietary high-temperature polymer substrate. All components inside this IEM are designed and tooled 100% in-house, to result in an entirely unique product. It takes about 30 hours in the chamber to grow the diamond, and Periodic Audio grows 10,000 diaphragms at a time, with about a 60% pass rate, discarding over 21 carats of diamond waste with each run!

“Carbon sets a new bar for low distortion in a headphone/in-ear product with less than 0.1% total harmonic distortion (THD), even at sound-pressure levels (SPLs) at or above 100dB,” says Dan Wiggins, cofounder of Periodic Audio. “Specs aside, the clarity and resolution of this IEM let you hear things you’ve never heard before. It adds nothing to the sound while revealing everything. With a frequency response between our Be and Ti IEMs, C results in a fun, dynamic, highly resolving listening experience.”

As the company further details, the sonic signature of the C IEM is an interesting mix of the signatures of the Ti and Be IEMs, with the enhanced bass response of Ti but the high-end extension of Be, accentuating micro- and macro-dynamics for an unrivaled listening experience. "Carbon is well suited to electronic music, or anything with fast transients and extremely wide frequency response. By a fairly wide margin, C has the lowest THD of any IEM Periodic Audio has produced," they add.

The Carbon’s sleek, all-black construction also creates a low-key, stealthy look that highlights the product's high end features. Like all Periodic Audio IEMs, the new C features a polycarbonate body for high strength and zero resonance, custom front-and-rear tuned volumes, MIM logo caps, butyl-rubber strain reliefs, and N48H-grade magnets. 

Finally, to ensure a proper fit while preserving the highest sound quality, Periodic Audio has designed its own eartips, creating three shapes that the company claims, together cover 95% of all ear canals. Periodic Audio's new custom eartips are offered also as a separate accessory, called Hydrogen, an 8-pack package of replacement tips for existing owners. For all other accessory needs, a gold-plated, 1/4" jack and airplane adapters are included, along with a stylish carrying tin. Like all Periodic Audio IEMs, Carbon is covered by the company’s five-year warranty, and is "proudly conceived, engineered, and assembled in the USA."

Carbon is now shipping with an MSRP of $399.
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