Peerless by Tymphany Launches STW-350 15” Hi-Fidelity Subwoofer

December 27 2017, 03:00
Peerless by Tymphany announced that its STW-350F188PR01-04, a 15” subwoofer built for high-performance HiFi applications, previously previewed at trade-shows, is now available for distribution as part of the brand's catalog. The new STW-350, features an 8” voice coil, triple suspension, and a dual-spider design, providing superior low-frequency performance in a smaller-than-traditional enclosure. 

The result of two years of research and development, the Peerless by Tymphany's STW line of subwoofers was designed with performance and space in mind. These drivers offer deep and clean low-frequency reproduction with minimal distortion at high sound pressure levels. Unlike most subwoofers, the STW family of drivers can be mounted in a much smaller box than most traditional 12”, 15” and even many 10” subwoofers, which is enabled by the high moving mass and 8” voice coil. Each subwoofer also features an FEA-optimized ferrite motor with 90mm peak to peak excursion, and a 188mm voice coil, which provides extraordinarily low power compression. 

Built for high-quality performance and reliability, the STW-350 offers extremely low distortion at 92mm peak-to-peak displacement, which is enabled by the large voice coil and high moving mass. It is also designed with 70L equivalent volume and Fs below 25Hz.

“Using a large voice coil has more than one benefit,” explains George Bullimore, Director of Tymphany's UK Design Center. “The ferrite magnet is designed into the voice coil, which enables more efficient use of the magnet material. Additionally, the large surface area of the voice coil results in practically non-existent power compression.” 
Tymphany was able to achieve a more efficient use of the ferrite magnet by putting it inside the voice coil.

The STW-350F188PR01-04 is rated at 3500 W with 83.54 dB sensitivity @ 2.83v/1m, 4 Ω impedance, and 25 Hz resonant frequency. It benefits from a 36mm gap height and 58mm voice coil winding, providing +/-20mm linear excursion when voice coil moves up and down. A rigid cast aluminum basket with multi- mounting position holes provides a robust structure, using dual aluminum shorting ring for minimal harmonic distortion, and forced convection cooling. Additional durability is provided by a dual Nomex spider and paper cone, with an NBR surround to provide strong and linear suspension.
Measurements and complete specifications for the STW-350 can be found here:
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