SEAS Improves Foundational Driver Family with Launch of New Prestige Titan Series

March 20 2019, 11:10
SEAS announced the launch of its new Titan product line in the Prestige Series, implementing FEA-optimized magnet systems with copper caps and rings, and titanium voice coil formers, in combination with matte black aluminum cones and domes, among many other improved features. SEAS' Prestige series targets the hi-fidelity and DIY markets and offers a large array of sizes and diaphragm materials to perfectly fit the exacting requirements of both the OEM and distribution markets. The new Prestige Titan series is a long-awaited refreshment of this product line.

The first two products launched on the new Prestige Titan series signal the beginning of a new foundational family of drivers, offering great value for money and improving on every aspect of the design to today’s state of the art. This includes the new L16RNX3 (H1869-08) 6" woofer, which features a new and stiffness-optimized black alu-cone with the resonance peak higher in frequency, providing higher bandwidth than common aluminum cones. This characteristic allows for easier crossover design. 

The new 27TAC/GB (H1825-06) tweeter uses a black anodized aluminum alloy diaphragm with pistonic behavior throughout the audible frequency range, resulting in a good dispersion also above 10kHz. A new redesigned and optimized rear chamber and matching internal damping allows a smooth and resonance free response and the best possible low-frequency roll-off.

Main considerations in the design of the new Prestige Titan drivers was the low mechanical and electromagnetic damping to ensure high quality reproduction of even the finest micro details in music. At the same time the high-performance titanium voice coil former and its connection to the cone allows very high power-handling, suitable for modern amplifiers (e.g. Class-D). In the past, only the SEAS Diamond Tweeter utilized titanium voice coil formers to allows this level of power-handling. Also, the non-conductive former in the series doesn’t add any damping to the excursion to allow a dynamic and precise transfer of sound transients. This adds exceptional high dynamic capabilities to the drivers, which the light and stiff aluminum cones or domes convey into clean and undistorted sound, suitable for modern High-Res audio.

The L16RNX3 is a high-fidelity woofer with an injection moulded metal chassis, intended for bass reflex and closed box designs. The optimized cone design combined with the stiff and lightweight aluminum offers a high break-up point that allows for easier crossover design and wider bandwidth than common aluminum cones. The titanium voice coil former features a very long copper coil winding and a bumped backplate for excellent force transfer, transient sound reproduction and large linear excursion, while the heavy copper ring below the T-shaped pole piece reduces nonlinear and modulation distortion. The extremely stiff and stable injection moulded metal basket, keeps the critical components in perfect alignment, while large windows both above and below the spider reduce sound reflection, and keep air flow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum. The woofer is connected through a pair of gold-plated terminals.

The new 27TAC/GB high definition metal dome tweeter combines a wide, soft textile surround and a rear chamber, anodized aluminum alloy diaphragm with an Hexagrid protection, and uses a Sonomex surround for low resonance and excellent mechanical linearity. Again, the titanium voice coil former allows for optimum transfer of force from coil to dome, while the non-conductive former also doesn’t add any damping to the excursion to allow superior transient sound translation. A copper cap in the magnet system reduces distortion and voice coil inductance, resulting in a sound without colorization. The optimized rear chamber and internal damping also contributes to a smooth and resonance free response. A thicker faceplate improves on the rigidity of the faceplate and the new Prestige Titan tweeter is also terminated with gold plated terminals.
For distribution, all Prestige Titan series drivers are packaged and sold in pairs.

Built upon a foundation of over half a century of engineering and manufacturing expertise, all SEAS Prestige series of cone and dome drive units are designed to offer the best possible combination of quality, performance and value. Some of the products currently in production in the Prestige are successors of old speakers reaching as far back as 1976. The new Prestige Titan refreshes the product line with much improved designs. According to SEAS, these first two products will soon be joined with further offerings to complete the series.
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